Real Property Law

Cal. Real. Prop. Journal 2021, VOL. 39, NO. 4

Message from the Editor-in-Chief

Cosmos Eubany

There have been a lot of discussions in the last few years on Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion and the lack thereof. These discussions have ranged from framing the problem, identifying causes of the problem, and trying to put forth solutions to the problem. Issue 4, dedicated to the principles of diversity, equity and inclusion ("Diversity"), discusses historical barriers to entry in real estate in general as well some changes that have been made to increase access. While one of the fundamental mandates of this Journal is to educate, this Issue is not just for pedagogical purposes but also serves as a way to open discussions and to begin the process of understanding the past so that it is never forgotten but used to chart a path forward that is mindful of inclusiveness.

The Editorial Board is very excited about the pieces presented herein. Nicholson and Kent’s "Equal Access…," talks about laws that ensure equal access for the disabled so that they can live independently and still feel like a member of the community. Next, Lexi Howard’s "California Swings for the Fences to Strike Racially Restrictive Covenants from the Public Record," discusses the history of racially restrictive covenants in California and efforts to remove said covenants from the record. Then, Maria Sager’s "One Woman’s Perspective on Increasing the Percentage of Women of Color Equity Law Partners," describes a triumph of the human spirit over adversity and proposes a blueprint for increasing diversity in law firms. I had the pleasure of meeting Maria Sager when we served on the CLA Diversity Committee and upon hearing her story, I knew this was a piece to be shared with the readership. Thereafter, Agbai, Butler, and Pearlman’s "40 Acres and a Mule.," discusses barriers that have prevented African Americans from owning homes and the resulting wealth disparities. Lastly, Nunn and Feller’s, "California’s Board Diversity Law…," discusses historical barriers to entry onto corporate boards which affected women and people of color and California’s landmark law designed to remove some of the barriers.

I would like to say a special thank you to the Diversity Committee of the Executive Committee of the Real Property Law Section where the idea for a themed edition on Diversity came to fruition. Also, thank you to the Journal Committee for its support in reaching out to potential authors and helping to frame the Diversity Issue. As always, thank you to the Editorial Board and the whole team for their incessant dedication to creating such polished editions; especially to Issue Editor Brian Jacobs and Executive Editor Jonathan August for their tireless dedication to reviewing and editing the pieces that comprised Issue 4. Most importantly, I want to say thank you to the authors who never cease to amaze me with their breathe of knowledge and the time they take to draft these pieces.

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