Cal. Litig. 2017, Volume 30, Number 2

Technology in the Courtroom: Does It Engage or Overwhelm Jurors?

By Dr. Noelle Nelson

Your email is the first thing you check in the morning and the last thing you check at night. Texting is part of your daily routine. Then there is the endless stream of blog posts, alerts, and tech updates that you must at least scan if you’re to stay somewhere at the head of the pack—not to mention social media and the constant barrage from news and entertainment outlets. Information overwhelm is no longer for the few. Everyone, including your prospective jurors, is at risk of serious overload.

[Page 22]

This massive access to information has had an impact on preparing for trial. The challenge is, with all the latest technological and forensic material available to you, how can you choose those that can effectively help win your case?

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