Family Law

Family Law News 2017, Issue 3, Volume 39, No. 3

Technology Corner: An Ode to a Modern Swiss Army Knife

David M. Lederman

David Lederman is the current State Bar of California Family Law Section (FLEXCOM) Chair. He also served as FLEXCOM’s Legislation Chair and is the immediate past Vice-Chair. He also served as the Contra Costa County Family Law Section President (and is its current Legislative Director). A Certified Specialist in Family Law since 2001, he is the current Association of Certified Family Law Specialists’ Technology Director. Mr. Lederman is a frequent speaker and writer on family law and technology issues and speaks Mandarin.

The cellphone of today is the Swiss Army knife of my childhood. When I was a youth in Boy Scouts, I loved my Swiss Army knife. It had a blade for cutting and carving, a toothpick, a scissor, file, and a few other "apps" I can’t recall. As courts do not allow people to carry blades into the court house, my cellphone is my new Swiss Army knife.

Redundancy and backups: unlike my old knife, my cellphone data is backed up on a cloud storage system. If I lose it, I can get a new one and quickly replicate the data. It also has a GPS locator so I can find it from my IPad and make it play a sound so I can find it quickly. (Yes, I have used this feature quite a bit). I can also use it to do this:

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