Message from the Editor


Message from the Editor

Dawn Gray

In this issue of Family Law News, Judge Mark Juhas continues his series of articles on nullity of marriages with the second in the three-part series. This installment discusses voidable marriages, what they are and how to either dissolve or defend them. We are grateful for his continued participation in the Family Law News and look forward to part three in an upcoming issue.

Justin O’Connell, CFLS, analyzes mediation confidentiality in depth. He tells us when and under what circumstances mediation communications are shielded and when they are either subject to disclosure or discovery, or both. Understanding these subtleties is vital to effectively assisting your client in mediating all or part of a family law action.

What is People v. Sanchez and why should you care? Melinda Sammis outlines the holding in this criminal case and how it may impact expert witness testimony in family law cases. Also, in this issue we begin our annual roundup of last year’s most important legislation, reprinting the CEB Family Law Pamphlet summarizing the statutory changes. The article is a great review of the most significant new legislation from 2016. FLEXCOM Chair David Lederman offers us some tips on the use of technology in the courtroom in his Technology Corner. We round out this issue with comments by Sherry Peterson, who bestowed FLEXCOM’s Family Law Lifetime Achievement Award on Commissioner Sue Alexander. The Commissioner’s remarks upon receiving the award are instructive for all of us. Congratulations on her well-deserved honor.

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