From Our Readers


From Our Readers

Feedback on our new look

Naghmeh: Just got the latest edition of the Family Law News. The new look is great.

Ira M. Friedman, Attorney at Law

Beverly Hills, CA

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My office mates and some family law neighbors in my building like the new look of the Family Law News. Good work by Naghmeh, Deborah, Melinda and others. The FLN continues to get better and better and is something about which Flexcom should be extremely proud.

R. Paul Bonnar, Attorney at Law

Pleasant Hill, CA

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Great job FLN team!!! This quarter’s edition looks so fresh and updated!! Great choices! Great vision!!

Sherry Peterson, Attorney at Law

Dublin, CA

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Naghmeh and her team’s vision and its outcome is rich and professional in content and pleasant to the touch.

Thank you and congratulations to all.

Abbas Hadjian, Attorney at Law Sherman Oaks, CA

Family Law News

Good Morning,

I find your publication very useful and valuable. However, delivery by snail mail is both quaint and expensive. You should move to an e-mail distribution of the PDF. It is easier to store old copies on a hard drive rather than a bookshelf. The PDF should not have any copy protection so that pages or articles can be extracted and put into client files for reference. Protection on the PDF files only means that I have to print out the pages and then scan them, a waste of trees and time.

I am sure that other people have written about this. However, I am a semi-fossil who has been practicing law for more than 35 years, and if it makes sense to me, then it should make sense for about 99% of your readers.

I hope this information is useful. Thank you for your time and efforts on the publication, it is always valuable and useful [even in hard copy :)].

Donald E. Dunbar Jr. Attorney at Law

Moving Beyond the Limits of Family Law Court

Dear Mr. Direnfeld,

I just want you to know how much I appreciated your article in the recent California Family Law Bar Journal. I practice family law mediation and collaborative practice almost exclusively, in large part for the reasons you describe. (I find it best to think of the long-term best interests of the family, rather than short-term tactical gains.)

I would like to show your article to clients in the future (giving credit, of course). May I?

All the best,

Jessica M. Lee-Messer, Esq.

Lee-Messer Greenberg Wanderman, LLP

* * *

Gary, as always right on target. LOVE your conclusory mantra. "Aim for that. Be a fabulous lawyer."

Joryn Jenkins, Collaborative Attorney

Tampa/St. Petersburg, Florida

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The most important concept to grasp is that children are not objects. It is both rational and productive to treat all manufactured objects the same—hauling all new cars on transport trailers or stacking all new Dixie cups in plastic wrappers. Children are not objects. Alleging that the same model of time will serve all children equally well is both myopic and damaging. Courts have little to no capacity to engage with and understand the uniquenesses of the children or the situations over which they issue orders. Strict parenting guidelines only serve to make the situation worse.

Rather than trusting the court system to create parenting arrangements that profit the child, parents must take ownership of their divorce and of their future parenting to design a plan that truly works for the benefit of their children. While many parents cannot do this, the failure rate of courts is much higher. Because the stakes are so high, me-diation professionals must offer parents a path for creating parenting plans tailored to their children. This will mean both convincing more people to trust mediation over courts and then mediators conducting mediation very differently than a court proceeding. Are we ready to do this?

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Tess Worrell, Attorney/Mediator/Coach Zionsville, Indiana

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Comments from Mr. Direnfield Facebook page:

Excellent article! Collaborative law is the way to go! I recently became a family professional and can’t say enough positive things about this approach. I have seen the negative effects on children both personally and professionally. It’s unfortunate.

Minni Sharma

Whitby, Ontario

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Leadership!!! Thank you, Gary!

Erin Farley, Attorney at Law Petaluma, CA.

THANK YOU. THANK YOU for sharing this.

Renee Henderson, Content Curator; Digital Media/Marketing

Automation & Infusionsoft Specialist

Oakville, Ontario

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Brilliant! I totally agree with this!!!!

Kerry Byrne, Manager, Subway Sandwiches London, Ontario

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Thank-you for this Gary! Well argued, like a good lawyer ;). I keep at the center of my practice a quote by Gandhi, himself a lawyer, "I realized that the true function of a lawyer was to unite those driven asunder."

What a different world we would live in if a critical mass of lawyers took this on as their mantra.

Darla M. Tenold, Collaborative Lawyer and Mediator

Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

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