Business Law

Business Law News 2021, ISSUE 3

Toxicology of Alcohol: The Role of Toxicologists in Social Host & Liquor Liability

Clara Chan, MSc, DABT, Bruce Kelman, PhD, DABT, ATS, ERT, Nadia Moore, PhD, DABT, CIH, ERT, and Allison Stock, PhD, MPH, MS

Clara Chan is a Project Manager and Senior Toxicologist at J.S. Held LLC. She provides technical support for clients across various industries and serves as a consultant for projects in areas of toxicology, risk assessment, personal injury litigation, consumer product safety, and indoor air quality/mold assessment, supervising client-sponsored laboratory testing of consumer products in North America and in Hong Kong. Clara can be reached at

Dr. Bruce Kelman is Senior Vice President and Principal Toxicologist at J.S. Held LLC. He has served as an expert in investigations across North America, South Korea, and the United Kingdom; has evaluated numerous claims of personal injury and health impacts from many chemicals and drugs; and has presented a variety of health risk concepts to policy makers, government regulators, citizen groups, and individuals. Bruce can be reached at

Dr. Nadia Moore is Vice President and Principal Toxicologist at J.S. Held LLC. She has more than 25 years of experience in toxicology, exposure science, regulatory compliance, molecular biology, and analytical chemistry. She supports clients in various industries by performing risk-based exposure and toxicology assessments for potential contaminants in workplaces, residential scenarios, and consumer products. Nadia can be reached at

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