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Nexus of Law and Literature: Bibliographies

In this space of each CLA-Int’l News,  I offer the reader a look at recent legal literature that either informs about international practice or entices reader interest regarding a current legal topic.   In the next issue, I am pleased to announce that  Prof. David McFadden, Research Librarian and Professor at Southwestern Law School, will contribute to the column.    In this one, the recent American Law Institute (ALI) RESTATEMENTS addressing the U.S. law and practice of important international legal subjects are highlighted.  They provide valuable resources to international practitioners.   Also featured are a couple of recently published books that explore international legal subjects from interesting perspectives.   [Ed.]  

  • Restatement (Fourth) of the Foreign Relations Law of the United States ( Am. Law Inst. 2018).  [Containing revisions of the RESTATEMENT (THIRD) of 1987 of the subjects of:  Jurisdiction, Treaties, and Foreign Sovereign Immunity.] [Ed.]
  • COMPARATIVE INTERNATIONAL LAW (edited by Anthea Roberts, Paul B. Stephan, Pierre-Hughes Verdier, and Mila Versteeg), (Oxford Univ. Press, 2018).  Reviewed in 114 AJIL 164 (2020):  “[T]here are different perceptions and understandings of what international law is,  how international law is applied, and how it is identified in different domestic settings”.
  • THE CHANGING PRACTICES OF INTERNATIONAL LAW (Edited by Tanja Aalberts and Thomas Gammelroft-Hansen,  (Cambridge Univ. Press, 2018).   Reviewed in  114 AJIL 172 (2020):  “The end of the twentieth century saw the completion of 158,00 treaties and related actions and the establishment of 125 international courts and tribunals, ‘legal regimes for each and every issue area in foreign policy….   Has this thickening international legal system led to a more orderly and possibly law-abiding world? ‘”

HAPPY READING of these and of the CLA-Int’l News !


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