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5th Annual Financial Elder Abuse Symposium

June 2, 2023 @ 8:30 am 5:30 pm

Earn 7.5 Hours of MCLE, which includes Legal Specialization in Estate Planning, Trusts and Probate Law


Financial Elder Abuse Symposium, June 2, 2023, 8:30 a.m.
An Overview of Elder Financial Abuse: Detecting and Reporting The Financial Abuse of Elders | 8:30 a.m. – 10:00 a.m.

An overview that covers the basics of elder financial abuse, how to detect and proactively prevent it, and when to report it to Adult Protective Services and/or the District Attorney.

Panelists will present on the prevalence of elder financial abuse in California. The beginning portion of the program will provide an overview of elder financial abuse and the ways to detect and possibly prevent it as a practitioner. The next portion of the program will educate listeners concerning the resources of Adult Protective Services and when it is appropriate to report potential abuse to APS. The final portion of the program will explain when elder financial abuse rises to the level of a crime, and when it is appropriate to report criminal abuse of an elder to the District Attorney’s Office.

  • Kevin Bryce Jackson, Esq.
  • Joseph Gruber, Jr., Esq.
  • E. Penny Jacobo, LCSW
  • Scott Pirrello, Esq.
Elderly, Not Incapacitated | 10:15 a.m. – 11:45 a.m.

Many in the legal field mistakenly assume that advancing age results in cognitive decline or that coherent and conversant elderly always have capacity. Panelists, Dr. Jonathan Canick (practicing neuropsychologist), and Kimberly Mcghee (Certified Elder Law Attorney) break down the ageist stereotypes and implicit biases that surround mental capacity.

  • Anna Soliman (moderator)
  • Dr. Jonathan Canick
  • Kimberly McGhee
Sanctioned Elder Abuse | 12:30 p.m. – 2:00 p.m.

A presentation about the laws, powers granted, and rights taken away that may themselves lead to elder abuse. Panelists will present on the issues that may seem to sanction elder abuse, such as laws, powers given, and rights taken away.

  • R. Sam Price (moderator)
  • Mark H. McGuire
  • Hon. Tara Reilly (Ret.)
Litigation Tools: Civil Financial Elder Abuse Claims – A Primer | 2:15 p.m. – 5:30 p.m.

Panelists will present on the complete process of financial elder abuse claims. The presentation will start with a discussion of standing, statute of limitations, jurisdiction, TROs and immediate relief, pleadings/responses to pleadings and summary judgment. Next, the presentation will focus on discovery in a financial elder abuse claim, including voluntary discovery, requests for accountings, written discovery, third party subpoeeonas, depositions and expert discovery. Next, the panel will discuss mediation in financial elder abuse cases including the mediation process unique to financial elder abuse claims, settlement agreements, and retention of court jurisdiction. Thereafter, the panel will present on trial issues, including trial strategy, selected evidentiary issues, and the art of trial persuasion. Lastly, the panel will present on post-trial practice of financial elder abuse claims including statements of decision, judgments, rights of appeal, the applicable standards of review on appeal and the effect of appeal on administrative and litigated proceedings.

  • Howard Kipnis (moderator)
  • Honorable Justice Julia C. Kelety, Fourth District Court of Appeal, Division One
  • Ciaran O’Sullivan
  • Erin A. Norcia
  • Daniel I. Spector
  • Nicholas Van Brunt


  • $300 for all CLA Members
  • $399 for Non-CLA Members

We are committed to accessibility! Virtual events are equipped with closed captioning. To request an in-person accommodation, send us a note at or contact us at 916-516-1760 for assistance.


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