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November 13, 2017

Event Sponsorship and Co-sponsorship Policies and Procedures

Event Sponsorship by third parties may benefit the Association (defined below) by funding the provision of services, entertainment and programming, and/or decreasing event costs to the Association. Therefore, it may be appropriate under proper circumstances for the Association to enter into such arrangements. Event Co-Sponsorships may benefit the Association by facilitating marketing of Association Events, as well as allowing Association members access to information about events held by outside entities that may be of interest.


“Event Sponsorship” is any sponsorship arrangement in which a commercial or non-profit entity or individual provides money, in-kind support, products, services or other thing of value to the Association as consideration for the Association advertising the entity’s brand at one or more Events or any portion of an individual Event. The entity’s role in the Event is passive, in that the entity is not involved in the planning, preparation or presentation of the Event.

“Event Co-Sponsorship” is any sponsorship arrangement in which a commercial or non-profit entity or individual, jointly and actively with the Association, plans, prepares, presents, and sponsors or markets an Association Event for the purpose of advertising of the entity’s brand, increasing attendance and/or participation at Association Events and Outside Events, and/or for other reasons.

“Association” is the overall California Lawyers Association, the Sections, and the California Young Lawyers Association, except as otherwise stated herein.

“Association Events” include, but are not limited to, Association Events and meetings, Section MCLE courses, and Section conferences and events. “Outside Events” are those events held and organized by third parties that the Association/Sections and/or the California Young Lawyers Association (“CYLA”) may choose to co-sponsor.

Policies and Procedures

A. Generally Applicable Policies

The following policies apply to Association Event Sponsorships and Co-sponsorships of Outside Events.

1. Conflict: The Event Sponsorship or Co-sponsorship must not conflict with the Association’s mission, goals, or policies.

2. Association Trademarks: Any use of the Association’s name or logo or any other Association trademark on advertising or other promotional offerings must comply with the Association’s Copyright and Trademark Policy FORTHCOMING.

3. Mailing Lists: Sponsorships and Co-sponsorships must comply with the Association’s Mailing List Policy FORTHCOMING.

5. Criteria for Sponsorships: In reviewing sponsorship opportunities, factors to be considered include:

a. Compliance with Association policies.
b. Effect on membership or membership programs, services, and activities.
c. Relevance to the sponsored event or activity.
d. Effect on other Association events.
e. Effect on existing or anticipated revenues.
f. Impact on the reputation or identity of the Association and its respective programs and services.
g. Legal or political implications.

6. Reservation of Rights: The Association, Sections, and CYLA, jointly reserve the right, in their sole discretion, to reject any proposed sponsorship for any reason or no reason at all.

7. Review and Approval: Consistent with these policies and procedures, the Association, Sections, and CYLA, through their respective leadership, may consider and approve any Event Sponsorship solicitation that supports programs or activities within their area of responsibility. Counsel for the Association is available to assist with any legal questions or concerns.

8. MCLE. If the Event provides MCLE credit, then the provider must meet all applicable rules and regulations as provided in the Rules of the State Bar, Title 3, Div. 5, Ch. amended. The provider(s) must also be in current good standing with The State Bar of California.

9. Optional Additional Guidelines: Individual Sections and/or the CYLA may develop and apply more specific sponsorship guidelines applicable to their events that are more restrictive than these guidelines at their discretion.

B. Event Sponsorships of Association Events by Other Parties

1. Control: The Association must retain and exercise full control over the sponsored activity and no Event Sponsorship may permit the sponsor to control the content of an Association publication or Event.

2. Identity: In any Event Sponsorship, the identity or presence of the Association must predominate and must never be compromised or confused by association with the sponsor. The Association’s name or logo may never be used in conjunction with a sponsor’s product, or service without the express written permission of the Association. The Association’s name and logo should never be used in such a manner as to express or imply an endorsement by the Association of a sponsor’s product, publication, or service.

3. Acknowledgment: Acknowledgment must not be so extensive as to suggest the sponsor “owns” or “controls” the sponsored entity or its programs, products, or events. Additionally, descriptions of the relationship between a sponsored entity and its sponsor must not imply endorsement of the sponsor. Words that imply endorsement, such as “exclusive,” “partner,” “preferred,” or “endorsed” must not be used in describing such relationships. Suggested wording for Event Sponsorships is as follows:

The reception by the California Lawyers Association is presented with the generous support of ABC Company and the following additional sponsors.

ABC Company is a proud sponsor of the California Lawyers Association’s ______ Ceremony.

C. Association Co-Sponsorships of Events with Other Entities

1. Calendar Conflicts: Co-sponsored events ought not conflict with any program/event of co-sponsoring entity (Association/Section/CYLA without careful consideration by the relevant Association/Section/CYLA leadership.

2. Review and Approval. All co-sponsorship of events held by entities outside the Association must first be vetted and approved by the relevant Association/Section/CYLA leadership.

3. Use of Association Assets. The use of Association facilities, equipment, staff, or other assets must be approved by the relevant Association representative following the approval from the co-sponsoring Section/CYLA.

4. Marketing. Co-sponsored Events may be marketed in any way the relevant Association/Section/CYLA leadership approves, including but not limited to, the utilization of electronic e-news, dedicated e-blasts, social medial postings, and/or other announcement.

5. Mailing Lists. All mailings regarding co-sponsored Events to Association members should be sent by the Association/Section/CYLA itself to ensure proper management of member contact information.

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