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It’s Monday morning, you turn on your computer, and marvel at the infinite number of e-mails of which need responding. You scratch your head as you start the process of prioritizing what will get attention first. Suddenly, the phone rings and it’s your client. She says she just received a panel of chiropractic physicians requested by applicant’s counsel and does not understand why a chiropractor would be evaluating a right hand injury. Read more
The CLA Workers’ Compensation section established the Unpublished Cases Review and Legislation Subcommittees as permanent standing groups. I have the privilege of serving as chair of both subcommittees. The former reviews all cases originating with the Workers’ Compensation Appeals Board, and selected additional Court of Appeal decisions, originally designated as unpublished. Read more
I find it hard to believe that it is already March. If you are like me, you are still getting over the holidays and trying to figure out how to make the most of this year. As we try to resolve the issues left over from last year and as we approach Spring, the new Rules of Practice and Procedure for the WCAB have taken center-stage in our daily practices. Our CLA WC Section Education committee has been busy preparing for the next big conference which will feature several panels designed to educate practitioners about these new rules. Read more
The Executive Committee of the Workers’ Compensation section of the California Lawyers Association and its membership send their heartfelt Congratulations to the WCAB’s newest Presiding Judges, which include the Honorable Presiding Judge of the Los Angeles District office and former Chair and Current Advisor to the CLA Workers’ Compensation Section Executive Committee, Presiding Judge Robert Rassp and the Honorable Presiding Judge of the Van Nuys District Office, Presiding Judge David Brotman. Read more
2019 is done. It’s time to assess the most important developments in California Workers’ Comp in 2019. Read more
AB 749 was signed into law and took effect on January 1, 2020. The law places certain restrictions on employment resignation agreements. Some employers are asking if the law prohibits asking for a resignation and agreement not to re-apply as a condition of entering into a C&R Agreement. Read more
February is the month of romance and getting over the indulgences of the New Year and holiday season. We celebrate Valentine’s Day and Presidents Day and we get used to putting a new year end date on our correspondence and checks (when we remember). Read more
The Executive Committee of the Workers’ Compensation section of the California Lawyers Association, and the section’s membership, wishes to express its deepest gratitude to the Honorable Colleen Casey who for ten years magnificently served as the principal editor of the workers’ compensation section’s monthly Enews bulletin. Read more
On December 17, 2019 the final version of revisions to the Rules of Practice and Procedure contained in Title 8, Sections 10300 to 10999, of the California Code of Regulations, were filed with the Secretary of State of California, after an opportunity for consideration of public comments. The revised Rules of Practice and Procedure go into effect as of January 1, 2020. Read more
By Kenneth Kingdon Did you know: A strict rating of the AMA Guides permits combining station and gait with a rating for radiculopathy.The American Heart Association has issued new guidelines for diagnosing hypertension.Table 11-2 in Chapter 11 should be ignored as it should not have been included in the Guides.Chapter 18 ratings for pain are based on the effect of pain on ADLs.The Guides incorporate synergy into several of its ratings.According to recent case law, the WCAB does not believe… Read more

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