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A rundown of webinars offered by CLA and the CLA Sections

A comprehensive review of the most significant employment law cases from 2023 every employment law practitioner should know. Read more
his groundbreaking seminar will ask the difficult question - are workplace anti-discrimination, anti-harassment and anti-retaliation policies and trainings working? Further, if not, what are employment law practitioners to do?    Read more
Have you been asked to second-chair a trial with one of the partners or senior attorneys at your firm? Read more
This presentation will explore the rapidly changing impact of AI on Hollywood, including AI's current effects on the WGA and SAG strikes, right of publicity (current law and proposed legislation), copyright (current law and proposed legislation), and restrictions on contracting away replication rights. Read more
Although American companies spend over $8 billion a year on diversity training, many companies have made remarkably little progress on diversity. Read more
No one actually likes budgeting, except maybe those financial folks, right? So Jessica Medina, former lawyer turned Accredited Financial Counselor, will be taking us back to the beginning by demonstrating a way of looking at your money that doesn't involve tracking every single expense every single day. Read more
In our upcoming presentation, we will review patent and copyright challenges presented by generative AI, addressing topics like AI’s role as an author/inventor, the concerns surrounding non-human authorship, the nuanced dynamics of joint AI-human inventorship, and the positions of content creators versus AI service providers with respect to scraping material from the internet for large language training purposes. Read more
1 Participatory MCLE Credits Navigating the landscape of intellectual property is crucial for innovators and entrepreneurs. Two primary mechanisms for protecting inventions and ideas are trade secrets and patents, each offering distinct advantages and limitations. The decision between the two hinges on the nature of the innovation, the business strategy, and long-term goals. Patents provide inventors with a temporary monopoly (usually 20 years) on their inventions, giving them exclusive rights to use, make, or sell the patented invention. This exclusivity… Read more
Estate, gift, and generation-skipping transfer tax rules are complex and vary depending upon the residency of the taxpayer. Read more
This program discusses how the California Supreme Court’s July 17, 2023, ruling in Adolph v. Uber Technologies  impacts claims under the California Private Attorneys General Act (PAGA). Read more

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