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Whether you are attending an event or serving as a presenter at a function, the activities held or hosted by the California Lawyers Association are designed with you in mind. You may be present to learn, but there is always an opportunity for you to support your colleagues, whether you realize it or not. Read more
An important benefit of being a member of California Lawyers Association is having access to a remarkable range of resources to help you better serve your clients and your communities. Our sections provide many of CLA’s most successful programs. Read more
February has been called the month of love. Romantics happily look toward creativity or capitalism to celebrate their joy. Cynics note the overuse of the word from loving a person to a song, a meal, a color, or an expression. You get the idea. Those people prefer words like appreciate or enjoy.  Read more
In our professional lives, December marks not only the end of the year but also a time for reflection on the goals we set for the year. Missed or achieved, we consider how we gave back to our communities and to our profession. For some, volunteer service is a significant part of goal setting and a measuring stick used to determine whether we have contributed to improvements in some aspects of the legal profession, such as the public’s access to justice or diversity and inclusion in the profession. Read more
As lawyers, many of us routinely navigate disputes between parties. To do this, we have to know our client’s position, certainly, but often it is equally as important to understand the vantage point of our opponent. Read more
What is your goal, and how can I help? You will hear me ask this frequently as your new CLA President. You will also observe me encouraging members to get more involved in leadership with CLA. Read more
The California Lawyers Association (CLA) Bar Leaders Conference and separately the Annual Meeting and CLA & California Judges Association (CJA) Presidents Gala (CLA & CJA Presidents Gala) at the Hilton Bayfront Hotel in America’s Finest City, San Diego, California, were a resounding success. The educational sessions were well received and attended. The keynotes were fantastic. The swearing-in ceremony was memorable. The excitement reached a fever pitch for the Second Annual CLA & CJA Presidents Gala.  Read more
What a journey it has been! Over 100,000 miles traveled since the start of my California Lawyers Association Presidency in September 2021. It was a dream turned into reality. Dreams are but realities yet to happen, if only we just believe. What started with a swearing-in ceremony with the Chief Justice of California on our screens ended soon after at a Gala in tuxes and dresses. Something impossible but for Providence, time, hard work, and wonderful people.  Read more
What do Anthony Bourdain and my summer have in common? Everything. This summer, I took a trip of a lifetime. The one where you realize that Anthony was right when he said that “the more places I see and experience, the bigger I realize the world to be. The more I become aware of, the more I realize how relatively little I know of it, how many places I have still to go, how much more there is to learn.” Read more
In the legal profession and with societal norms, people are often restricted by rules, regulations, and responsibilities. Attorneys, as officers of the court, must follow the law and lead by example, particularly with our families, clients, the profession, the community, and ourselves. Attorneys must be standard bearers for good. Read more

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