Membership Management Quick Start Guide

Get up and running with CLA in minutes! This Quick Start guide will show you how to navigate our user-friendly membership platform to manage your profile, memberships, finances, and more! Let’s get started.

Account Access

Login – Step 1

Click the “Login” link in the upper right corner of the navigation bar.

Login – Step 2

You’ll be directed to the login page where you can enter your username and password.

Login – Step 3

Once you’ve logged in successfully, you’ll be brought to your “My Profile” page.

Log Out

In the top navigation, click the “Logout” link.

Forgot Password

On the Login screen, click the link to reset your password.

Change Password

If logged in, go to My Profile Side Nav > Account tab > Change Password Sub-Tab.

Screen Layout

This guide will reference different sections of your screen to help you navigate. Here’s a quick breakdown:

  • Top Nav: Links to main areas of the CLA website.
  • Utility Bar: Access your shopping cart, alerts, and profile.
  • Side Nav: Quick access core areas.
  • Tabs: Grouped content and functionalities.
  • Sub-Tabs: Fields and content related to the parent Tab.

My Profile

This is your one-stop shop for managing your personal information, membership, and preferences within CLA. This is vital to fill out and please, keep this up to date.


Take a quick glance at your CLA memberships in the Overview tab, add or update your profile image, view open balances, and more.


The Account tab gives users the ability to update their personal information and all levels of their membership management. Keeping your information up-to-date, ensures you have access to your membership benefits and protects your account security and avoids access and privacy issues.

Learn More
  • Personal Info: Update details like name, title, demographics, law school, and more.
  • Contact Info: Manage email, phone number, address, and social links.
  • Committees: View active, inactive, and upcoming committee memberships.
  • Sections: View the sections you belong to.
  • Speaker Bio/History: Update your speaker profile and view past event participation.
  • Licenses & Languages: Record professional licenses and language proficiency.
  • Awards: View awards and nominations you received within CLA.
  • Change Password: Easily update your account password.
  • Privacy Settings: Control profile visibility in the online directory, including personal info, address, and email.


Link yourself to your company, nonprofit, or organization to improve visibility, strengthen your credibility, and increase networking opportunities.


Easily view all of your financial transactions with CLA, including orders, invoices, payments, refunds, and more.

Learn More
  • Recent Orders: View and download your most recent orders.
  • Recent Invoices: View and download invoices for recent transactions.
  • Recent Payments: View and track recent payments made.
  • Memberships: Easily manage and renew your memberships.
  • Events: View your registered and substituted events.
  • Sponsorships: Explore sponsorship opportunities and manage commitments.
  • Donations: Make or manage donations to support initiatives.
  • Refunds/Credits: View refunds or available credits on your account.
  • Auto Payments: Monitor active and previous automatic payments.


Access CLA-curated website links, such as member benefits and other resources.


Access a comprehensive list of all the committees offered by CLA. Explore the committees and find the ones that align with your interests and expertise, and view members in each committee.


Explore CLA’s diverse range of Sections, browse Section members, and further your career by adding a Section to your membership.


In the Memberships area, find fellow CLA members, explore relevant organizations, and upgrade your membership at any time with ease.


Explore upcoming CLA events, access event details, and register seamlessly in our Events area.

Forgot Password

Enter the email associated with you account. You will then receive a link in your inbox to reset your password.

Personal Information

Select Section(s)

CLA Membership is $99 and includes one section. Additional sections are $99 each.