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Criminal Law and Litigation MCLE and Mixer

The presentation is an in depth analysis of AB 3070 and the practical application on the use of preemptory challenges and civil July trials.

Criminal Law

Webinar: Resentencing Under California Penal Code Section 1172.1

This training will cover resentencing procedures under California Penal Code section 1172.1, including recent changes to the law. In 2018, former Governor Jerry Brown created a special unit within the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation to identify people in prison who had rehabilitated themselves so much that they would be “an asset to their community” if released. Since then, around 2,000 people have been referred under this process. District Attorneys’ Offices throughout California have similarly recommended people in prison for resentencing. During this one hour presentation, learn about this rapidly-developing area of law, obtain practice tips, and hear about inspiring success stories.

Criminal Law

An Update on Felony Murder Liability Under California Penal Code Section 1172.6

This training will provide an overview and update on felony murder liability under California Penal Code section 1172.6. Effective January 1, 2019, the Legislature passed Senate Bill No. 1437 (2017-2018 Reg. Sess.) and thereby enacted Penal Code section 1172.6 (former section 1170.95). This new statute amended the felony murder rule and the natural and probable consequences doctrine to narrow murder liability. Prosecution under this statute is now limited to people who are actual killers, those who act with intent to kill, and those who are major participants in an underlying felony “who acted with reckless indifference to human life.” Since SB 1437’s enactment, significant changes have been made to the statute and governing case law in this constantly evolving area of law. 

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2023 Annual Meeting and CLA & CJA Presidents Gala

We'll be back in San Diego in 2023 for our biggest event of the year.

Criminal Law

Webinar: Update on the Reformed Gang Laws Under AB 333

On October 8, 2021, Governor Newsom signed Assembly Bill (“AB”) 333, the “STEP Forward Act,” into law. (2021 Cal. Legis. Serv. Ch. 699 (AB 333), subd. (g).) AB 333 significantly reformed California’s gang laws and sought to reduce their scope and disparate impact on communities of color.

Criminal Law

Annual Trial Skills Update Seminar

We regret to inform you that the Annual Trail Skills Update conference, originally set for Saturday, November 4, 2023 has been canceled.

Criminal Law

Webinar: A Primer on the California Penal Code Committee’s Recommendations for the 2024 Criminal Law Changes & Current State Crime Rates

The Committee on Revision of the Penal Code is a state entity established in 2020 to make recommendations to the Governor and Legislature about all aspects of California criminal law. This presentation will give an overview of the Penal Code Committee’s work, including its most recent recommendations and the latest data on crime rates, incarceration levels, and more.

Criminal Law

2024 Criminal Law New Laws Webinar

Another new year means more new laws to learn about and every year brings about changes to various aspects of California criminal law.  This webinar will explain all of the changes that take effect 1/1/2024 and discuss how these changes will affect both the prosecution and defense of criminal cases in California.
You will hear from both a deputy public defender and a deputy district attorney, which will give you the unique experience of listening to both sides discuss these new laws.

Criminal Law

Webinar: Trial Evidence Fundamentals

Are you a new lawyer? Has it been a while since you’ve been in trial? If so, this webinar is for you! This Trial Evidence Fundamentals webinar will help bring you up to speed on introducing evidence, hearsay rules, laying a foundation, refreshing recollection, impeaching with prior inconsistent statements, making and rebutting common objections, expert testimony, and more.

Conference | Criminal Law

Trial Skills Update Seminar

Join us April 6 in Oakland for the Criminal Law Section's Annual Trial Skills Update Seminar.

We are committed to accessibility! Virtual events are equipped with closed captioning. To request an in-person accommodation, send us a note at or contact us at 916-516-1760 for assistance.


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