Webinar Replay: Conversation in the Wake of Violence: Xenophobia and Understanding the Trauma

January 10, 2022 @ 12:00 pm 1:00 pm

1 Hour MCLE; 1 Recognition and Elimination of Bias 


According to the “Stop AAPI Hate” report, since March 2020, approximately 4000 anti-Asian hate incidents have been reported across the nation. Out of which, Californians account for 44%of such incidents. The act of violence in Atlanta is not one isolated incident but contributes to the continuing rise of violence and hate crime against the AAPI community across the nation. The intention of this conversation is to engage in the national dialogue of protecting minority communities and responding to hate crime and the intergenerational trauma around it.
The conversation will explore the nature and impact of hate crimes and their prosecution. How does the law define “hate crimes” and the successes and challenges in prosecuting them? As a result of such senseless and abhorrent attacks, there will be a discussion that delves into the impact on the community. How bystander intervention might play a role in prevention and support. We will also talk about reporting hate crimes and some resources to seek assistance.