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Webinar Replay: Conquering Chronic Disease & Preexisting Conditions in the Age of Covid-19; How Lifestyle Changes Can Reverse Most Chronic Disease

October 19, 2021 @ 12:00 pm 1:30 pm

1.5 Hours MCLE; 1.5 Competency Issues

My interest and motivation: Chronic disease devastated my family – My mother and her father died of a stroke in their 40’s! – My father: kidney and prostate cancer, on dialysis & miserable for the last 10 – 15 years of his life – My grandfather on my dad’s side had heart disease and diabetes; his physician recommended a leg be removed.

What could I do, if anything, to avoid the health problems in my family?  I went in search of answers to the Q!

I Learned a great deal; My life has been changed forever. I found the road is full of MDs asking the same Q. See Steve Lawenda, Kaiser MD; “How a Doctor Healed Himself” – He believed that heart disease and diabetes, family diseases, were destined to kill him; – The truth, he said, is that MDs receive no training & don’t know any more about this subject than the general public – He learned we can prevent & reverse most of these diseases.

 Dr. Jimmy Conway; orthopedic surgeon, the men in his family all died of heart disease; was he next?  John McDougal, MD, Santa Rosa, CA, “The Starch Solution” – He grew up in Michigan, had a stroke at 19! Why me? – His first job as an MD: a physician for 5,000 Asian workers & their families in Hawaii was and introduced to a different life style! What he learned is was not and to this day is not taught in medical school. It is called life style medicine. 
I am now teaching classes on this topic; the feedback and response has been incredibly positive.

For this webinar, I  will discuss:

1.) Leading Causes of Death & Disability in the US
2.) My Journey to Conquer Chronic Disease
3.) Life Style Medicine: The Evidence; The Sicence 

  • I enter private practice; my lifestyle and health changes 
  • Population Studies: 1.) China Study, the Grand Prix of Epidemiology; 2.) National Geographic’s Blue Zones   
  • Control Studies: 1.) Caldwell Esselstyn, Jr., MD, Cleveland Clinic; 3.) Dean OrnishMD, University of CA, SF
  • FBI Fitness Program; Jim Fixx; Nathan Pritikin 
  • Denis Burkitt, MD, UK; Scripps Clinic, La Jolla     

We are committed to accessibility! Virtual events are equipped with closed captioning. To request an in-person accommodation, send us a note at or contact us at 916-516-1760 for assistance.


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