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Share Your Love of CLA!

We are preparing for our biggest membership campaign ever, and we are excited to invite you to join us in growing the CLA community, recruiting new members, and building the CLA Brand.

As leaders and attorney influencers, we know you have the power to inspire others to join CLA.

Below, you’ll find graphics templates, email templates, and suggested texts to use as a CLA brand ambassador.

If you have any questions, please reach out to Sheila Johnston ( or Tej Baath (

Take Action on Oct 2

The last four months have been extra special! During our #TogetherWeLaw campaign, we put our members, our benefits, and all the things that make us special on full display. Sharing stories of empowerment, ways we champion, and the many ways in which we all belong to our community of attorney influencers, together, we have written a story we can all be proud of.

Here’s a few examples of what we did, together.

Connect to your purpose
Chris Passarelli quote
Q and A
CLA member quote
LMPT member, Joy
We even published a few films along the way! Remember these?

Because of each of you, we have grown our family of attorney influencers. And we cannot thank you enough!

As we’ve said all along, you drive our passion, you drive our energy, and you are the reason behind everything we do here at CLA.

As always, thanks for being the best part of CLA. We couldn’t do this without you!

Brand Ambassador Content

Make Your Own Social Media Graphic!

Please note: You will need either a Google or a Canva account in order to access the templates linked below. Alternatively, we can create it for you. Simply send your headshot to us via email here.

The copy and scripts provided below are simply guides. Please feel free to refine and customize to your own voice and personality.

Social Media & Text Scripts

Never has it been easier to share your thoughts and feelings, and even a reminder! Social media and texting takes almost zero time, and is a great way to elevate your influence with your networks.

Remember, when it comes to social media and texting, don’t overthink! First draft posting and texting is always okay. Have fun and use personal experiences to elevate your thoughts.

For example –

  • I love this video so much! Never have I ever seen my passion for law turned into a 1 minute film! This is why I love being a part of CLA! If you aren’t a member, now is the time to join!
  • This organization gets me – seriously, finally, a way to tell the world why I do what I do! CLA Rocks…have you joined them yet?
  • Hey [First Name]! Have you heard about the amazing opportunities and benefits the California Lawyers Association (CLA) offers? See how CLA can take your career to new heights: Trust me, it’s worth exploring!
  • Hi [First Name]! Remember when we talked about finding ways to grow as attorneys? Well, I’ve been a part of California Lawyers Association (CLA) for a while, and I think you’ll love what they offer. Check them out: Let’s discuss it soon!
  • Hey there, [First Name]! Just wanted to share where I’ve been volunteering at: the California Lawyers Association (CLA). I know you were looking for some leadership and visibility opportunities, so check it out: It’s definitely worth a look!
Elevator Pitch

I joined CLA to use every ounce of my attorney influencer status. With CLA – I’m empowered to advocate beyond the courtroom, expand my professional networks, experience law in different ways, and design the future of law.

Top 5 Reasons to Join CLA

Speak up as a community and help make laws that are fair and important for lawyers and the communities we serve.

Expand your professional circle, connect with like-minded peers, and foster collaborations across the state.

Leadership Development:
Engage in committees, interest groups, and executive appointments to enhance your leadership skills and make a difference.

Education and Resources:
Learn and grow through CLA’s diverse educational offerings, tailored resources, and tools for professional development.

Exclusive Benefits:
Members get special perks, such as access to Fastcase legal research, the CLA Career Center, CalBar Connect discounts, and the California Lawyers Knowledge Hub.

Videos: CLA Introductions and Testimonials

Share these videos on social or via email/text:

Previous Weekly Actions

September 25

Did you hear the news from last week? If not…watch this!

2023 Award Winners

Your challenge this week is to help us celebrate! Share the post, comment, or send a text to some of our award honorees. If you want to go one step further, share the post with a friend and encourage them to join our family. Because that’s what we are – a family! And as you know, our doors are open to anyone that loves making a difference.

LinkedIn Logo
Twitter logo
Instagram logo

We can’t wait to see you this week at Annual Meeting, if not sooner!

September 18

There’s nothing more beautiful than feeling at home with like minded individuals. At California Lawyers Association (CLA), we’ve carefully curated a community where EVERYONE belongs.

Our great State of California is one that celebrates our lived experiences. Every day, CLA joins in on this celebration to ensure that our differences are not only recognized but used to design opportunities to make our communities stronger. This is why everyone will always belong at CLA. See for yourself!

If you are like us and feel all the feels, take action on that feeling. Send a note to a colleague you haven’t connected with in a while. Say hello! Ask them how they are. Demonstrate to them what it means to be a part of the CLA Family by acting on those feelings. Invite them to belong to our family!

Because as you know, we have and always will be a place for all legal professionals to call home, 365 days a year!

September 3

We start today with a challenge. A challenge to recognize the changemaker in your life and invite them to become a part of our movement to level up our impact at California Lawyers Association (CLA)!

Because of leaders like you, every day, CLA can shine a bright light on members doing all things, big, small, and in-between. We love the ripple effect you are making and want to multiply said ripple ten fold.

Membership has its benefits!

So your challenge today – spread your love of impacting far and wide. Recognize the lawyer in your life by telling them not only do you see their impact but challenge them to level up their impact.

Make this suggested text your own and send away!

“I was recently reminded that I was a changemaker and it made my day! I wanted to make your day equally bright and say thank you for all that you do to improve our communities through your passion of law.

I know you are just like me in liking a challenge, so today, I challenge you to level up your impact. Have you thought about joining California Lawyers Association?”

Feel like going one step further? Simply visit the Brand Ambassador resource page to find videos to share or email scripts you can send!

August 28

The last installment of our empowerment journey continues this week with John Parente, Chair, Workers Compensation Section.

Quote by John Parente: "My parents taught me from an early age to lead rather than to follow."

When we asked John where he finds his inspiration to lead, he said, “My parents taught me from an early age to lead rather than follow. I think it was about believing in myself.”

John, we’re going to take some liberties here and speak on behalf of the team at California Lawyers Association – we can’t thank you enough for this important reminder. LIke you have said, empowerment is not just about feeling empowered but empowering others. It’s no surprise to us that your foundation for empowerment has led to your incredible leadership as Chair of Workers Compensation Section of CLA!

If you agree with our conclusion, then please let John and the Workers Compensation know! Like, comment, and share the post on your preferred social media channels. 

LinkedIn Logo
Twitter logo
Instagram logo

Want to go one step forward? Consider sharing the post with a colleague and tell them that CLA is home to leaders like John! And that joining will give them all the right feels.  Don’t forget to mention that membership discounts are available through September 30, 2023!

To all of our legal leaders, thank you for empowering us to #empower others.

August 21

Our empowerment journey continues this week with none other than Emily Yu, Chair of the Intellectual Property Section of CLA.

When asked where she found her inspiration to lead, here’s what she had to say.

“I consider leadership to be founded upon inspiring and enabling others to fulfill their purposes, whether it’s within their role as an attorney or as a volunteer of the California Lawyers Association. My favorite leaders tend to function as a support for others to grow. I find my inspiration to lead from ensuring that others can succeed.”

Emily Yu quote

If this gives you all the feels and makes you proud to be a member of #TeamCaLawyers, share those sentiments not only with Emily, but with the world! Share the post you saw on your social feeds (not to worry, you can click the buttons below to access the post) featuring Emily and text it to a friend. Encourage them to become members of CLA and experience how we empower, together!

Twitter logo
Instagram logo

And before we leave you, let’s just say what we are all thinking. Emily…you rock!

August 14

What you are about to read is a transcript of a conversation between Chris Passarelli and CLA.

CLA: How do you #empower future and practicing attorneys to make their way?

Chris Passarelli: I empower future and practicing attorneys that their practice can and should be a fulfilling part of their lives. The law should be a source of motivation and enjoyment.

CLA: What advice do you give future and practicing attorneys to find their way?

Chris Passarelli: Just find your people, and find your passion! I feel very fortunate to have found certain specific substantive areas of the law, as well as a rather unique firm, and colleagues, that I absolutely love. These keep me strong mentally, keep me positive in my outlook, and impel me toward daily success in my practice.

We’ll just state the obvious. This is the caliber of leadership moving CLA forward in our mission to serve, champion and empower, and we wouldn’t have it any other way!

If you feel empowered by this transcript, we invite you to act. Engage on Chris’ post by giving him a like, comment or reshare. Because as we all know, we rise by lifting others.

Empowerment definition
August 7

Empower – if this word evokes a sense of action with a side of challenge, we wouldn’t be surprised!

That’s why we picked a theme of empowerment for the month of August. This month, we feature the many ways our leaders inspire others to be their authentic self, to move past comfort zones, to believe that change starts with one CLA member at a time.

We asked CLA’s very own Kim Bick, Chair, Environmental Law Section to kick off our month of empowerment by defining what empowerment means to her. Here’s what she said.

Empower definition

If that got your attention, just take a look at the caption that went with this powerful image!

Facebook logo
Twitter logo
Instagram logo
LinkedIn logo

Using Kim as your inspiration, our task for you this week is to engage on Kim’s post. Drop a comment, like, or reshare the post. When we engage on these values that are most important to us, others will see CLA’s commitment to empower our own!

July 31

No really, this is JOY!

Joy Murao headshot
Joy Murao is the Chair of the Law Practice Management and Technology Section of California Lawyers Association. We agree with her section, that Joy is a powerhouse in paralegal staffing and legal operations.But even more so, we’re just thrilled to recognize Joy as a #champion. She elevates the role that legal professionals who support attorneys, and more so, make everyone feel at home with CLA!Your challenge today is to find your joy by telling Joy just how much she means to the CLA family. Find our post on InstagramFacebookLinkedIn and Twitter and engage on her post – like, comment, reshare, we’ll leave that part to you!Thanks for helping us spread…literally, our ‘joy’ of Joy!
July 24

Life is easier with tools! See what we did there?

We know it’s sometimes hard to find the time to find the right tools for your #law practice, but such a task doesn’t have to be so hard. Because, there’s a section at California Lawyers Association that stays ahead of all the tools and trends to make #lawyering ten times easier!

This Wednesday, we focus on the Section that has all the right tools for your lawyer toolbelt – we’re talking Law Practice Management and Technology (LPMT)! Or as we like to say at CLA Headquarters, LPMT is the Section that knows the best tools that can help all lawyers meet their business goals and more.

So, when you see our post recognizing the tools that LPMT brings to the table, remember to drop a like, comment, or reshare.

Thanks as always for helping us spread the word. We appreciate you!

July 17

You read that right – tomorrow, we announce a summer promotion for new members! Now through September 30, new members will receive $50 off the Standard membership plan.

Why are we telling you this? Because we’d love you to help us spread the word on this hot promotion! Tomorrow, we’ll put this promo on our social media spotlights – if you see it, please drop a comment as to how good a deal this is! Maybe you’ve used your membership to save money or go places you’ve never been before. What about a colleague you may not have met if not for membership in CLA? Share that story!

As always, thank you for helping us spread the word. We appreciate you!

July 10

Today at CLA Headquarters, all we are talking about is our #TogetherWeChampion film featuring none other than Michele Brown, Chair of Government Affairs Committee and member of the Family Law Section!

We don’t know about you, but our favorite part of her film was when she provided insight into why she loves advocating…”being able to lobby our government, state legislature, to benefit members of CLA…” chills, right?!

Today, we challenge you to show your gratitude to Michele and her passion for advocacy – her love of making a difference in the lives of others shines a bright light on the work all members do on behalf of the profession. 

Visit the post on LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook and give that post a like! Have an extra 30 seconds, add a comment and even tag a friend!

Hesitating to do so? We know social media can push ourselves outside of our comfort zones. If you find yourself stuck, just think about the wise words of American legend Howard Schultz when he said “Success is best when shared.”Want to learn more about getting comfortable on social and stepping up from your attorney influencer to attorney celebrity status? Join us for a brand ambassador training on Monday, July 17 at 12pm. Save your spot today!

July 3
We’re officially in a new month of our #TogetherWeLaw campaign! Now through the end of July, we focus on the many ways we are champions. Now, not necessarily champion in the olympic medal sense, but in the team work sense.Throughout the month, you’ll see the various ways that members work together to advance the CLA mission. We’ll kick things off on all things #champion status this Wednesday, with a film featuring CLA’s very own Michele Brown of the Family Law Section and Chair, Government Affairs Committee. In her feature film, Michele talks about her passion for being a champion – not just in law, but in service.You can see a sneak preview of the film here.
As you know, the most effective way to #champion status, is to cheer each other on. When you see Michele’s film drop on social media this Wednesday, July 5, make sure to like, comment and reshare the video. And while you are on YouTube make sure to subscribe to CLA’s channel. There’s a lot more content coming your way.This goes without saying, but we are thrilled to be a part of #TeamLaw. Thank you for being an endless source of inspiration to each of us at CLA!
June 26

We know we are months away from Thanksgiving, but isn’t every day an opportunity to show our gratitude for the people we heart the most?

And especially on a day like World Social Media Day (FYI, it’s THIS Friday), you better believe we are going to show our gratitude to our members, followers, and law and shout it from every social media channel!

Because who doesn’t feel like a million dollars when you are reminded of how #great you are as a person and attorney?

If you get what we’re saying and appreciate the warm fuzzies that arise from an appreciation shoutout, then we challenge you to do the same this week. Remind a colleague, friend, old law school friend, or someone you just met at Happy Hour that you were thinking of them! Send a text or tag them in a social media post that caught your attention. Let them know you hope to see them at the next CLA event, or maybe that you’d just love to get that long overdue iced coffee soon.

At the end of the day, this is what life at CLA is all about – the connections between members. Let’s make everyone’s gratitude cups overflow this week!

June 20

It’s no secret around the halls of CLA Headquarters, we love shouting from the rooftops how much we appreciate our volunteer leaders, like you!

But this week, it’s time for you to show the world who you are!

In case you hadn’t heard, National Selfie Day is Wednesday, June 21 and we have designed a selfie campaign for the record books that takes just three minutes and three steps to complete. Just look how cool this is!

Together We Law social media graphic

Here’s how you can design a dedicated CLA selfie image.

Together We Law social media graphic
  1. Click here and select “make a copy” when prompted. Note, you will need to have a google account to use the template.
  2. Click on the upload photo button, located in the middle of the phone image.
  3. Upload your photo, and download your image!

Now that you have your CLA Selfie, it’s time to share it with your followers! On your preferred social media channel of choice, upload your CLA selfie and post away. Don’t forget to tag CLA in your post too! We’ll make sure to reshare and comment on your post, ensuring that our followers see your post too. Feel like writing something to go along with your photo? Consider posting any of the following messages with your CLA branded selfie. I’m celebrating #NationalSelfieDay, CLA style! #TogetherweLaw Yes I’m crazy about myselfie and my role as a leader of California Lawyers Association! #NationalSelfieDay #TogetherWeLaw I took a minute for myselfie to celebrate #NationalSelfieDay with California Lawyers Association! #TogetherWeLaw As attorneys, we don’t typically take a minute for ourselves, but today we are showing the world who we are as leaders of California Lawyers Association! #NationalSelfieDay #TogetherWeLaw If you want to participate but don’t have the time to create your own selfie, not to worry! We can do this for you! Simply send us an email along with a photograph, and we’ll do the rest! In fact, we’ll even post your photo from CLA’s Social Media channels. We know we’ve said this before, but we are so incredibly grateful to each of you. The #TogetherWeLaw campaign is pushing our creativity limits to new bounds and we hope you are enjoying every minute of it. Here’s to leveling up our influence, presence and having fun all along the way. Thanks so much for your assistance and for participating in this campaign. We appreciate you! Let’s do this!

June 12

With huge thanks to you, our member leaders and volunteers, CLA successfully kicked off our #TogetherWeLaw campaign. We are so grateful for your engagement on social media, your kind emails, your endless drive to elevate and expand CLA’s influence, as well as your own!

Our Brand Ambassador campaign continues this week with a simple ask. On Thursday, June 14, CLA will publish a social media post which seeks nominations for our annual awards. These awards recognize an individual or program that represents and serves marginally underrepresented individuals and communities.

We all know someone that has gone above and beyond to design a program or go the extra mile to use our influence as leaders to make life better for others. It’s the lawyer way, and we know you get that!

When you see this post go live on CLA’s social media channels, please take a moment to share this post with a friend or colleague via text, email, or social media. Suggested copy is below:

  • Text a friend or colleague, commenting on why this resonated with you. At the end of the text, add, “Now’s your time to shine, my friend. Let’s get you recognized for the work you did!”
  • Like the post on social media from the channel you are most comfortable with.
  • Comment on CLA’s social media post, or for an added gold star, share the post with your personal commentary.

As you can see, we’ve got the influencer role down to a 2-minute drill – and for even more ease with your role, visit our Brand Ambassador Toolkit at any time to copy and paste sample messaging we’ve drafted for you. 

So what happens after you engage with CLA every week? Our followers (we’re closing in on 20,000 followers) will see your name more frequently in their feeds. We’re talking exposure, meaning your influencer status will also gradually elevate personally! While CLA membership grows, your brand will also grow. We call that a win-win at CLA.

Before we go, we can’t thank you enough for being the inspiration behind what we do. Remember, our campaign will be ten times more successful with YOUR help! 

Thanks so much for your assistance and for participating in this campaign. We appreciate you!

June 1

This week our focus is a big one. On Thursday, we published arguably one of our favorite videos featuring the voice of New Lawyer Section and Board Member – Anthony Lai. We used New Lawyers for the inspiration of our film – Use Your Superpower, which you can watch here.

After you watch the film, take a moment to really let the message sink in. Does the film shine a different light on our attorney influencers? Does it make you wish we had a film that describes the passion behind your chosen profession?

Don’t just stop there! Take that feeling and share it with the world! Text a friend, engage on the post – maybe even subscribe to CLA’s YouTube Channel, and of course, remind them to join CLA!


What’s in it for me? How does being a brand ambassador help me?

Here are some of the advantages of taking on the role of a brand ambassador:

  • Recognition and Exposure: As a brand ambassador, you gain recognition and exposure within our industry and community. Representing CLA can elevate your personal brand and increase your visibility among your target audience.
  • Building Relationships: This is your opportunity to display your strong relationship with CLA. This can lead to valuable connections with professionals, influencers, and other ambassadors, fostering a sense of community and collaboration.
  • Credibility and Impact: Being a brand ambassador demonstrates your leadership and expertise. When you are associated with CLA, you can enhance your credibility and authenticity, leading to increased trust from your audience. Your recommendations and endorsements can carry weight and influence purchasing decisions, opinions, and perceptions.

We want to collaborate with you to grow CLA, and we look forward to your participation and seeing unique perspectives in this campaign!

What’s the difference between the State Bar and CLA? How can I distinguish CLA from the State Bar?

The State Bar of California and a voluntary bar association like CLA are different in their organizational structure and purpose.

The State Bar of California is a regulatory body established by the California Supreme Court. Its primary role is to oversee the admission, regulation, and discipline of attorneys practicing law in California. The State Bar sets and enforces standards of professional conduct, administers the bar exam, and handles attorney licensing and disciplinary matters. It is mandatory for attorneys practicing law in California to be licensed with the State Bar. 

Meanwhile, as a voluntary bar association, CLA is an organization formed by members who choose to join based on shared interests, practice areas, or professional affiliations. Unlike the State Bar, membership in a voluntary bar association is optional and not mandatory for practicing law. Rather than focusing on regulatory and professional conduct standards, CLA is focused on providing professional development, networking opportunities, and advocacy for our members. 

Attorneys who choose to be a part of both benefit from more services and opportunities. CLA is a platform for you to come together, collaborate, and further your professional development and community engagement. 

What does the California Lawyers Foundation do? How is it different from CLA, the association?

The California Lawyers Foundation (CLF) is CLA’s charitable arm. At CLF, we are charting a movement to enhance civics education for our youth, mitigate the burdens to access justice, and diversify the pathway to joining the legal profession.

Since our founding, CLF has offered a range of statewide programs, activities, and resources for youth (K-12), law students and practicing attorneys. We do this because we believe in a profession that mirrors its population and in a society that understands “equal justice under law”, as etched in stone on the steps of the United States Supreme Court.

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