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Share Your Love of CLA!

We are preparing for our biggest membership campaign ever, and we are excited to invite you to join us in growing the CLA community, recruiting new members, and building the CLA Brand.

As leaders and attorney influencers, we know you have the power to inspire others to join CLA.

Below, you’ll find graphics templates, email templates, and suggested texts to use as a CLA brand ambassador.

If you have any questions, please reach out to Sheila Johnston ( or Tej Baath (

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  • Date: Monday, July 17, 2023
  • Time: 12:00 PM – 1:00 PM PT
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Take Action on June 5

This week, the post will be published on Wednesday, June 7, featuring an article by Sabrina Green, Chair of the Board of Representatives. Once you see this post, you can choose to:

  • Text a friend or colleague, commenting on why this resonated with you. At the end of the text, add, “This is exactly why you need to become a member – this inspiration from other lawyers is too good!”
  • Like the post on social media from the channel you are most comfortable with.
  • Comment on CLA’s social media post, or for an added gold star, share the post with your commentary. Experience a recent post published last week here! BTW, Thanks, Chris!

Brand Ambassador Content

Make Your Own Social Media Graphic!

Please note: You will need either a Google or a Canva account in order to access the templates linked below.

  • June – Together We Law: Google | Canva
  • July – Together We Champion
  • August – Together We Empower
  • September – Together We Belong

The copy and scripts provided below are simply guides. Please feel free to refine and customize to your own voice and personality.

Social Media & Text Scripts

Never has it been easier to share your thoughts and feelings, and even a reminder! Social media and texting takes almost zero time, and is a great way to elevate your influence with your networks.

Remember, when it comes to social media and texting, don’t overthink! First draft posting and texting is always okay. Have fun and use personal experiences to elevate your thoughts.

For example –

  • I love this video so much! Never have I ever seen my passion for law turned into a 1 minute film! This is why I love being a part of CLA! If you aren’t a member, now is the time to join!
  • This organization gets me – seriously, finally, a way to tell the world why I do what I do! CLA Rocks…have you joined them yet?
  • Hey [First Name]! Have you heard about the amazing opportunities and benefits the California Lawyers Association (CLA) offers? See how CLA can take your career to new heights: Trust me, it’s worth exploring!
  • Hi [First Name]! Remember when we talked about finding ways to grow as attorneys? Well, I’ve been a part of California Lawyers Association (CLA) for a while, and I think you’ll love what they offer. Check them out: Let’s discuss it soon!
  • Hey there, [First Name]! Just wanted to share where I’ve been volunteering at: the California Lawyers Association (CLA). I know you were looking for some leadership and visibility opportunities, so check it out: It’s definitely worth a look!
Elevator Pitch

I joined CLA to use every ounce of my attorney influencer status. With CLA – I’m empowered to advocate beyond the courtroom, expand my professional networks, experience law in different ways, and design the future of law.

Top 5 Reasons to Join CLA

Speak up as a community and help make laws that are fair and important for lawyers and the communities we serve.

Expand your professional circle, connect with like-minded peers, and foster collaborations across the state.

Leadership Development:
Engage in committees, interest groups, and executive appointments to enhance your leadership skills and make a difference.

Education and Resources:
Learn and grow through CLA’s diverse educational offerings, tailored resources, and tools for professional development.

Exclusive Benefits:
Members get special perks, such as access to Fastcase legal research, the CLA Career Center, CalBar Connect discounts, and the California Lawyers Knowledge Hub.

Videos: CLA Introductions and Testimonials

Share these videos on social or via email/text:

Previous Weekly Actions

June 1

This week our focus is a big one. On Thursday, we published arguably one of our favorite videos featuring the voice of New Lawyer Section and Board Member – Anthony Lai. We used New Lawyers for the inspiration of our film – Use Your Superpower, which you can watch here.

After you watch the film, take a moment to really let the message sink in. Does the film shine a different light on our attorney influencers? Does it make you wish we had a film that describes the passion behind your chosen profession?

Don’t just stop there! Take that feeling and share it with the world! Text a friend, engage on the post – maybe even subscribe to CLA’s YouTube Channel, and of course, remind them to join CLA!


What’s in it for me? How does being a brand ambassador help me?

Here are some of the advantages of taking on the role of a brand ambassador:

  • Recognition and Exposure: As a brand ambassador, you gain recognition and exposure within our industry and community. Representing CLA can elevate your personal brand and increase your visibility among your target audience.
  • Building Relationships: This is your opportunity to display your strong relationship with CLA. This can lead to valuable connections with professionals, influencers, and other ambassadors, fostering a sense of community and collaboration.
  • Credibility and Impact: Being a brand ambassador demonstrates your leadership and expertise. When you are associated with CLA, you can enhance your credibility and authenticity, leading to increased trust from your audience. Your recommendations and endorsements can carry weight and influence purchasing decisions, opinions, and perceptions.

We want to collaborate with you to grow CLA, and we look forward to your participation and seeing unique perspectives in this campaign!

What’s the difference between the State Bar and CLA? How can I distinguish CLA from the State Bar?

The State Bar of California and a voluntary bar association like CLA are different in their organizational structure and purpose.

The State Bar of California is a regulatory body established by the California Supreme Court. Its primary role is to oversee the admission, regulation, and discipline of attorneys practicing law in California. The State Bar sets and enforces standards of professional conduct, administers the bar exam, and handles attorney licensing and disciplinary matters. It is mandatory for attorneys practicing law in California to be licensed with the State Bar. 

Meanwhile, as a voluntary bar association, CLA is an organization formed by members who choose to join based on shared interests, practice areas, or professional affiliations. Unlike the State Bar, membership in a voluntary bar association is optional and not mandatory for practicing law. Rather than focusing on regulatory and professional conduct standards, CLA is focused on providing professional development, networking opportunities, and advocacy for our members. 

Attorneys who choose to be a part of both benefit from more services and opportunities. CLA is a platform for you to come together, collaborate, and further your professional development and community engagement. 

What does the California Lawyers Foundation do? How is it different from CLA, the association?

The California Lawyers Foundation (CLF) is CLA’s charitable arm. At CLF, we are charting a movement to enhance civics education for our youth, mitigate the burdens to access justice, and diversify the pathway to joining the legal profession.

Since our founding, CLF has offered a range of statewide programs, activities, and resources for youth (K-12), law students and practicing attorneys. We do this because we believe in a profession that mirrors its population and in a society that understands “equal justice under law”, as etched in stone on the steps of the United States Supreme Court.

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