Workers' Compensation

Message from the Chair

By Maria Sager

This month we are highlighting the Unpublished Cases Subcommittee of the Executive Committee of the Workers’ Compensation Section of the California Lawyers Association (CLA) Chaired by Hon. Kenneth B. Peterson (Ret.). We are also highlighting the California Young Lawyers Association (CYLA) where Jesus Mendoza serves as the liaison between the Workers’ Compensation Section and CYLA.

Below, please find what Judge Peterson had to say about the Unpublished Cases Subcommittee and Jesus about CYLA:

Most workers’ compensation practitioners have experienced the frustration of finding an appellate case right on point, only to discover that it is unpublished, and therefore not citable. To help alleviate this problem, several years ago, an ad hoc committee formed to review all newly issued unpublished Court of Appeal cases originating with the Workers’ Compensation Appeals Board, and selected additional appellate decisions pertaining to workers’ compensation. The group consists of retired judges, and experienced applicants’ and defense attorneys, most of whom are either past or current members of the Executive Committee of the Workers’ Compensation Section. Randomly assembled panels of six, comprised equally of members of each group listed above, determine whether a request to publish these cases should be made utilizing the criteria set forth in California Rules of Court, Rule 8.1105(c), thereby making them citable. Two-thirds or more of a panel must vote to request publication before the committee submits a letter requesting that the issuing court change the status of the case. Since original inception of the review group, requests to publish have been made in more than 20 cases, with a favorable success rate.

Thank you, Judge Peterson for your overview and for all your subcommittee does in connection with the above.

My name is Jesus Mendoza and I am honored to serve as the Workers’ Compensation Section liaison to CYLA. CYLA is a proud part of the CLA and represents all lawyers in California who have practiced for eight (8) years or less. When lawyers pass the California bar, they are automatically enrolled as a CYLA member. CYLA is a member-driven, mission-focused organization dedicated to the professional advancement of attorneys practicing in the state of California. With that in mind, CYLA strives to invigorate, connect, and support all new California lawyers. The mission of CYLA is to advance practical skills, leadership and pro bono opportunities, and networking. The CLYA also strives to meet the unique needs of California’s diverse community of new lawyers. As CYLA is focused on practical skills and early-stage law practice, I am in the process of scheduling a Workers’ Compensation 101 Webinar which will focus on workers’ compensation substantive law and the skills required to use the information presented. Finally, please remember CYLA advocates for discounted pricing for content to provide access to young lawyers. Please consider browsing CYLA webpage for more information on content and upcoming programs. Feel free to contact me directly at with any thoughts or questions on CYLA!

Thank you, Jesus for the above overview and for all you and the CYLA do to help California new lawyers be the best they can be

Until next month, when I write my 13th and last eNews as the Outgoing Chair.

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