2023 Workers’ Compensation Spring Education Conference Bundle

Receive up to 35% off each webinar when you purchase all 6! Offer valid through 09/15/2023. This offer is available in OnDemand and Podcast format.

The following sessions are included in the bundle:

Case Law Update; 2023 Spring Education Conference
Retired Associate Chief Judge Mark Kahn will bring his unique insight to recent decisions of the WCAB and District Court of Appeals.  A can’t miss presentation for every workers’ compensation litigator.
Speaker: Hon. Mark Kahn

SJDB vouchers; 2023 Spring Education Conference
This informative program will first briefly reacquaint you with the history of vocational rehabilitation and job displacement benefits in California.  It will then cover the current eligibility requirements, benefit limits, and application process established in Labor Code section 4658.7 and Regulations 10133.31–10133.60.  Finally, the panelist will discuss the en banc decision in Dennis v. State of California (85 CCC 389), the effect of settlement on entitlement to SJDB voucher, penalties dispute resolution, and other issues you are likely to encounter.
Speakers: Kia Myers Holsey and John Hernandez
Moderator: Hon. Sharon Velzy

Panel Wars; 2023 Spring Education Conference
Have you heard of the movie ‘Star Wars?’ Well, back here on Earth, we have “Panel Wars!” which involves every kind of dispute anyone can have over the selection of a QME and what information or communications are sent to the doctor for review and commentary.’ Judge Rassp and Judge Feddersen will present some of the typical disputes over the QME process that are regularly heard and resolved by the judges and Appeals Board and will share practice tips on how to deal with these disputes.
Speakers: Judge Robert Rassp and Hon. Clint Feddersen

The Ongoing Jurisdiction Battle in the Field of Sports Law; 2023 Spring Education Conference
Equipped with firsthand insight and knowledge of employment-related issues unique to the highest level of professional sports, panelist Orlando Ruff and panelist Danny Benavides will share their insight and experience in Identifying and handling the complex issues surrounding the ever-expanding body of sports law since the enactment of Assembly Bill 1309 in 2013. This dynamic panel will discuss contract formation and its impact on California jurisdiction including exemption/exclusion from California jurisdiction under Labor Code Section 3600.5. The panel will also discuss other jurisdictional challenges pertaining to subject matter and personal jurisdiction.
Speakers: Orlando Bernardo Ruff and Danny Benavides

Understanding Psych Reports and Cross-Examining Psych Doctor; 2023 Spring Education Conference
This session will provide attendees with information about the five sources of data that should be discussed in psychological and psychiatric reports. Dr. Ron Heredia will discuss the vulnerable areas of psych reports and evaluations and how to identify when the report does not constitute substantial medical evidence. Attendees will learn tips and strategy for effectively cross-examining psych doctors and litigating psych claims and attendees will receive sample questions to use in deposing psych doctors.
Speaker: Ron Heredia

Workers Compensation Claims and Immigration Exposures and Consequences; 2023 Spring Education Conference
A noncitizen’s legal status can present thorny issues you should consider in pursuing your client’s workers’ compensation case.  This panel will address what the practitioner should consider when litigating a workers’ compensation claim on behalf of a noncitizen client.  Learn to protect your noncitizen client from consequences related to their immigration status while learning when their claim may also open up possibilities for legalization.
Speakers: Fatemeh Faith Nouri and Ruben Espinoza