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Time truly has flown quickly by as my chairmanship comes to an end, I must say it has been a great journey and learning experience for me. Read more
The public and attorneys have an opportunity to submit written comments about policy issues before the Board of Trustees. These issues include formal opinions regarding ethical obligations when departing firm and advising a cannabis business; and rules of procedures setting forth guidelines for imposition and collection of monetary sanctions, appointment and authority, and file release and retention duties. Read more
The Tenant Protection Act of 2019, a.k.a. AB 1482, has drawn a lot of attention in recent weeks and months. Often referred to as statewide rent control, our legislators prefer to wrap it in the softer title of a “rent cap.” It translates to the same thing. Read more
After a summer of lobbying and debating, the California Assembly adopted AB 5, a headline-grabbing law purporting to transform the status of gig-economy workers at companies like Uber, Lyft, and DoorDash. Proponents of the law assert that it will force those companies to treat those persons performing work as independent contractors like employees, with all of the legal protections that entails – minimum wage, overtime, workers’ compensation, paid sick leave and reimbursement of expenses just to name several. Read more
What greeting do your clients receive when they contact your office? Do clients feel that they’re welcome? Or are they ever left with the impression that they’re interrupting something more important? Read more
My first few years out of law school, you could not keep me out of the courtroom. I was motivated by justice — or at least my clients’ sense of justice — and truly believed that filing a motion was the best way to resolve a dispute. My early mentor instilled “finality” in me as the one and only value: “Some people just can’t work out their disagreements. You could let their matter drag on and on or you can get ‘er done — bring the issue to trial and have the court make a ruling.” And so, I eagerly followed and did just that. For a long time. Too long. Read more
Social media is changing how legal professionals recruit, job hunt, locate and investigate witnesses, manage their careers, connect with industry influencers, and interact with prospects as well as clients. However, many legal professionals aren’t sure exactly how they should pursue this new way of practice law. Read more
By Deborah Tennen—Zapier This editor has a rule to spend no more than five minutes on an email. Here’s how she makes it work. We’re all drowning in email. And if you’re spending 15 minutes on every reply, no productivity system is ever going to save you. Not inbox zero, not batching, not turning off notifications—nothing. Your only hope is retirement. My rule: I never spend more than five minutes writing a work email. And when I manage other people,… Read more
Technology has seen remarkable advances in recent years. In a short time, we have gone from dictation, typewriters, and fax machines to the ability to research and draft entire legal pleadings on a device that can be held in your hand. Read more
The California Lawyers Association (CLA) Annual Meeting is rapidly approaching, and I hope you will join the LPMT section — and hundreds of other California lawyers — in Monterey on October 10-13. In the run-up to the annual meeting, our section’s executive committee typically reflects back on what we accomplished over the past year and begins to plan for the coming year. Read more

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