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Solo and Small Firm Practitioners everywhere – will you be my Valentine? Solo and small firm practitioners are close to my heart. We have the hardest jobs in the legal field and we are so much more than attorneys. We are CEOs, CMOs, CFOs, and all the other C’s in between. I sincerely believe Solo and Small Firm Practitioners are on the cutting edge of improvements in the practice of law.

It may seem like the point has already been made, but the paraprofessionals proposal by the State Bar continues to garner attention. This proposal can have an outsize impact on Solo and Small Firm Practitioners. Attorney opposition to this proposal is being presented as attorneys protecting their own interests over the public interest. This is clearly not the case, as the oppositions to the paraprofessional proposal focus primarily on the lack of oversight and control over the paraprofessionals and the huge loophole that would allow technology companies and other non-legally owned corporations to run large businesses to prepare documents without any malpractice liability. If you have not yet reviewed this proposal, please do so. We have an excellent CLE that discusses the parameters of the proposal. (Beth/Shannon – please include a hyperlink to Ashod’s CLE webinar here)

I hope the rest of your month is productive and that you remember to take time to incorporate some fun activities into your schedule. Don’t forget to stay away from the chalky heart candy and go straight for the high quality chocolates! Until next time.

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