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Hello and welcome to November, 2022.

First, I invite you to join me and author an article for the Solo Advisor. All lawyers who are members of the CLA receive our content. I want all lawyers to share their life experiences as a lawyer in the Solo Advisor. There are few requirements. First, the deadline is the last day of each month. Second, the word count is more or less 1,00 words. The subject is your experience as a lawyer. Yes, any lawyer can write about their personal experience as a lawyer. While our section comprises solo/small firm lawyers, before we became lawyers were, and still are, real people.

Here is my thinking. Whether you work in a solo practice or a large firm, you are and always will be a lawyer in personal life. You motivate yourself, you have your own style of getting your work completed, you have your own families, and you have your own personal issues to deal with daily. This makes each of you unique, solo, lawyer –  whether you are in the largest firm or whether you are a true solo lawyer. I want everyone reading this to share their experience as a lawyer, both the great experiences and the tough experiences.

Tell us about your practice, your likes or dislikes. Tell us how you work, the tools you use at work, the tricks you use at work, and your secret sauce. Tell us about your issues (those you are comfortable sharing). Tell how your balance your personal life with your work life. How do you deal with family issues, law firm issues, solo firm issues; how do you deal with easy clients and difficult clients. How do you deal with deadlines, emails, text messaging. In other words, you are sharing your work and personal life with us.

Think of this starting and sharing a conversation with other lawyers. The area of law does not matter – I am more interested in reading about your experience as a lawyer and the choices you made during your career as a lawyer. This also includes a licensed lawyer who never practiced “law.” I am interested in learning about you as a person and you as a lawyer; the why of you decisions and experiences.

One of the unique aspects of solo and small firm practitioners, is not having enough conversations to understand that we all share more issues than we think. We are more alike than different. I want everyone to see how we as lawyers have some differences, but we also share many of the same issues without even knowing it. So let’s share and learn from each other.

Please email me if you have questions. And when completed, email your articles to We will reach out to you if we have any questions. And thank you for sharing.

Regards, Robert M. Klein

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