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Our webinars are crafted to assist with each individual’s success during their initial years in practice.

The New Lawyers Section is a proud part of CLA that represents all lawyers in California within their first 8 years of practice. The New Lawyers Section celebrates, invigorates, connects, and supports all new California lawyers.

The mission of the New Lawyers Section is to advance practical skills, leadership and pro bono opportunities, networking, and support to meet the unique needs of California’s diverse community of new lawyers. The New Lawyers Section Executive Committee is made up of the officer team, at-large members, and liaisons to the other 17 sections.

One way we celebrate our NLS members is to attend the swearing in ceremonies that occur throughout the state.  We invigorate our lawyers by providing programming that is directly relevant to attorneys newer to the practice in law, offering nuts & bolts programming as well as providing lessons learned from more seasoned attorneys.  We connect our members with each other through networking events. 

Want to become involved? Contact NLS here.

New Lawyers

Webinar: The Nuts and Bolts of Privacy Law and EU/EEA Data Transfer

EU Part Controller/Data Exporter and US Part of the Processor/Data Importer: Standard Contractual Clauses and their implementation, Schrems II, Transfer Impact Assessment, obligation measures, practical experience and outlook (Trans-Atlantic Data Privacy Framework).

New Lawyers

A Two-Step Process to Building Career Confidence Early in Your Law Career: Developing Resilience to Minimize Lawyer Burnout

Based in positive psychology, executive coaching, and career development principles, Emily Hirsekorn has designed this program for lawyers looking to maximize their energy and performance at work to minimize career burnout. The program is relevant to lawyers in a variety of early-career stages, whether you are just transitioning from school to work, taking on new duties, transitioning roles, navigating workplace leadership, or simply desiring to show up as your best self in your career. After a brief introduction as to why confidence matters at all career stages, the program will teach three specific tools to help you manage imposter syndrome, maximize your strengths at work, and utilize the power of optimism for ongoing engagement and growth. Attendees will leave the program with new perspectives and actionable tools to put to use right away.

New Lawyers

A Two-Step Process to Building Career Confidence Early in Your Law Career: Building Confidence through Self-Advocacy

A lack of confidence can impact your decision making, performance at work, pursuit of new opportunities, and leadership potential. Emily Hirsekorn developed the Career Confidence Code, a six-part framework to help ambitious professionals build the confidence they need to navigate their careers effectively, enhance work performance and engagement, and develop as conscious leaders. In this program, Emily will discuss how one particular dimension---self-advocacy---can help you boost career confidence as you set healthy boundaries, get resourceful, manage your time, and speak up more at work. You'll leave the program with an action plan to start advocating for yourself more effectively and more often.

More From the New Lawyers Section

Legal Career Resources

Early career support can help get your dream job as a new ‪‎attorney! Learn about new career support workshops specifically geared to help young lawyers with the challenges of finding opportunities in the tough California job market while often struggling to pay back extraordinary student loan debt.

10-Minute Mentor

The New Lawyers Section (NLS) offers many educational programs. We are proud to introduce the 10 Minute Mentor video series.

This series of short videos feature leading attorneys in their area of practice – providing 10 minutes of mentoring on a particular topic.

These videos are foundational in nature and designed to point you toward valuable resources. These videos are completely free of charge and should you want to learn more – some of them are also available as a full length Continuing Legal Education (CLE).

We hope you enjoy these videos and we appreciate your continued support of NLS.

How Do I Become a Member of NLS?

All California attorneys who are in their first eight years of practice are AUTOMATICALLY members of NLS. No separate membership fee is required. Membership in NLS is a benefit provided as a result of your status as a newer member.

Also, attorneys who are in their three years of practice are eligible to join one CLA Section – free for one year!

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Social media, anyone? The New Lawyers Section has its own page on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn. We look forward to interacting with a wider community, and reaching out to people who are not currently members.

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