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The Committee on Appellate Courts has compiled the following list of nonprofit organizations throughout California that need pro bono appellate assistance on an ongoing basis.  Interested attorneys should contact the organizations directly.

Organization name: A New Way of Life Reentry Project

Brief description of organization: A New Way of Life Reentry Project (“ANWOL”) is a nonprofit organization that provides housing and support services to formerly incarcerated women in Los Angeles County, facilitating a successful transition back to community life. In addition to its housing services, ANWOL provides legal assistance to people of all genders who have conviction histories, with a primary focus on helping people overcome barriers to employment. Our legal services include providing representation for expungement and felony reduction petitions, providing representation for denials of state occupational licenses, and filing impact litigation focused on protecting the constitutional rights of people with conviction histories.


Type of appellate pro bono assistance typically needed: representation of clients in appellate proceedings dealing with criminal resentencing (e.g. SB 1437 petitions); co-counseling appeals or writ petitions with the organization’s attorneys for occupational licensing and post-conviction appeals.

Contact name for pro bono: Pavithra Menon

Contact email for pro bono:

Organization name: Community Legal Aid SoCal
Brief description of organization: Community Legal Aid SoCal helps our neighbors fight injustice by providing compassionate, high quality legal aid and advocating for stronger communities and is dedicated to meeting the legal needs of low-income people throughout Orange and Southeast Los Angeles Counties. With an emphasis on innovation, language access, and a holistic approach to client care, we support clients and promote equal access to the justice system through advocacy, legal counseling, innovative self-help services, in-depth legal representation, economic development and community education.
Type of appellate pro bono assistance typically needed: Family Law and Domestic Violence Appeals; potentially appeals related to Elder Abuse
Contact name for pro bono: Tony Lu, Monica Mar
Contact email for pro bono:;

Organization name:  Family Violence Appellate Project
Brief description of organization:  Family Violence Appellate Project is the only nonprofit organization in California and Washington states dedicated to appealing civil cases on behalf of domestic violence survivors and their children, for free.  We work to provide individuals and families with the safety from abuse that they need, while creating a body of case law that prioritizes the safety of abuse survivors.  We also appeal cases for survivors of other forms of gender-based abuse, such as sexual assault, stalking, dating violence, and human trafficking.
Type of appellate pro bono assistance typically needed:  Co-counseling appeals, writ petitions, and amicus briefs with the organization’s attorneys; Moot court judges; Case publication program assistance; Legal research and writing projects; and more: 
Contact name for pro bono:  Jennafer Wagner, Director of Programs
Contact email for pro bono:

Organization name: Legal Services for Prisoners with Children

Brief description of organization: Legal support center for legal aid organizations, providing information relevant to currently and formerly incarcerated people and their family members.  Also participate in task forces seeking criminal justice reform.

Website: :

Type of appellate assistance: occasional amicus briefs on key cases in the appellate courts and occasional appeals in impact litigation

Contact: Rita Himes


Organization name: Public Law Center
Brief description of organization: PLC is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that provides free civil legal services to low-income individuals and families in Orange County, California. PLC staff and volunteers provide assistance across a range of substantive areas of law, including consumer, family, immigration, housing, and health law. Additionally, PLC provides legal assistance to low-income small business owners and nonprofits serving clients similar to those of PLC. The services include counseling, individual representation, community education, and strategic litigation and advocacy to challenge societal injustices.
Type of appellate pro bono assistance typically needed: appellate division, court of appeal, and Ninth Circuit representation, usually for appellant; writs; amicus brief drafting; administrative appeals, including adverse decisions by Social Security Administrative Law Judges or by Immigration Judges, and more!
Contact name for pro bono: Leigh Ferrin
Contact email for pro bono:

Organization name: Social Justice Collaborative

Brief description of organization: SJC is a 501(c)(3) legal aid nonprofit providing deportation defense services to low income noncitizens. The very inner mission is to end with the immigrants deportations in the USA once and for all. At SJC, we honor our clients and uphold their narratives. We provide legal services and knowledge about complex legal systems that continue to attack undocumented communities in the US. Our goal is to elevate our clients ability to assert their rights and make informed decisions about their legal futures. 


Type of appellate pro bono assistance typically needed: representation of clients in appellate proceedings; and appellate consultations for the organization’s clients or attorneys.

Contact name for pro bono: SJC Probono Coordinator 

Contact email for pro bono: 

Organization name: Tahirih Justice Center

Brief description of organization: We protect courageous immigrant women and girls who refuse to be victims of violence. By elevating their voices in communities, courts, and Congress, we are creating a world where all women and girls enjoy equality and live in safety and with dignity.


Type of appellate pro bono assistance typically needed: appeals from immigration court decisions to Board of Immigration Appeals, petitions for review in federal circuit courts

Contact name for pro bono: Rachel Sheridan

Contact email for pro bono:

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