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Meet the New Justices on the Court of Appeal

This webinar will introduce attendees to three of the newly appointed Justices on the California Court of Appeal:  Justices Hernaldo Baltodano (2d Dist., Div. 6), Joanne Motoike (4th Dist., Div. 3), and Gregory Weingart (2d Dist., Div. 1).


Webinar: Is There a Role for the Arbitrator in Settlement?

Often, including after arbitration has started, the most efficient and satisfactory resolution of a dispute is by agreement of the parties. This program will explore how to balance the goals of the arbitration process:getting a fair and cost-effective resolution while insuring the impartiality of the arbitrator and the neutrality of the process. The panel will discuss methods of facilitating settlement during arbitration that meet these objectives.


Webinar: Frontier Technologies and Dispute Resolution

A discussion of cutting-edge IP and dispute resolution issues raised by technological evolution and recent developments in the law.  Among other issues, the panelists will share their thoughts on copyright fair use, potential patent, copyright, and other IP challenges raised by AI, and legal disputes involving distributed ledger technologies and the Metaverse. They will address the pros and cons of litigation, arbitration, and mediation in resolving disputes over claims involving frontier technologies.   


Webinar: Arbitrating Cryptocurrency Disputes

Topics include: What are some of the disputes related to cryptocurrency that end up in arbitration? How are cryptocurrency disputes different from other types of financial disputes? Is cryptocurrency a true currency or a speculative investment vehicle? What happened at FTX and do other cryptocurrency exchanges face similar risks? Will more traditional financial services corporations enter the cryptocurrency exchange marketplace? How can Neutrals who are interested in mediating and arbitrating cryptocurrency cases strengthen their Blockchain technical knowledge?    


Webinar: The Rise of the Robots: Harnessing AI’s Potential for the Future of Dispute Resolution

With the launch of ChatGPT4, many dispute resolution professionals have become paranoid about artificial intelligence replacing them. What if AI learns to  play the role of mediator or arbitrator, for a penny a case? How can we compete with algorithms that never sleep, speak 100 languages, and  can read a million cases in an afternoon? Are we destined to become obsolete relics, just waiting around to be upgraded to a better model?


Webinar: Preserving Issues for Appeal: Tips for Trial Counsel in State Civil Cases

This program will address how to preserve issues for appeal in state civil cases. Two appellate attorneys will discuss how to preserve the record at various stages of litigation to protect your client’s appellate rights, and they will address common mistakes that lead to forfeiture of issues on appeal. The goal of the program is to provide a better understanding of the importance of protecting the record in the trial court and how to do so. This program is great for civil trial and appellate attorneys.


Webinar: Mediating in a (Hopefully) Post-Pandemic World

Changes to mediation practice initially triggered by the pandemic appear to be long-lasting. Join us to consider new strategies and ethical considerations to optimize mediation preparation and outcomes.  The panel – former litigators, a former general counsel, and retired judge – will share their insights and experiences to help advocates improve their ADR efforts.

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A Week in Legal London

In its 36th year, a Week in Legal London is pleased to continue the tradition of providing exciting new opportunities for interaction with UK colleagues at exceptional legal and historic destinations. Because of the special relationships we have formed over many years, this is an exclusive experience to visit places the public does not have access.

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