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Committee Management, Governance, and Oversight by the Executive Committee

The Executive Committee has promulgated to the leaders of the Standing Committees a compendium of policies, procedures, and information pertaining to governance and operation of the Section and its Standing Committees. The Executive Committee will at all times monitor and exercise oversight over the activities of the Standing Committees to assist in the performance of their functions in accord with the policies and procedures of the Section. The Executive Committee, with input and feedback from the Standing committees, will from time to time update, expand, revise or clarify the compendium, which is intended to be an organic document.

To the fullest extent reasonably possible, the membership of the Section and of the Executive Committee and the Standing Committees should reflect: (i) the diversity of this States’ population; (ii) a balance between the various regions of this State; and (iii) large and small law firms and in-house as well as outside counsel. An established record of service within the Section is an important consideration for recommendation for appointment to the Section’s Executive Committee.

The Section’s Executive Committee will regularly review the existing committee structure with a view to creating new committees (when there is sufficient need and sufficient interest of the membership) as well as disbanding existing committees in appropriate circumstances. Ad hoc or special committees will be established as appropriate.

The Executive Committee and the Standing Committees will establish strong communication links through the liaison systems as well as through participation by the Standing Committee chairs and vice chairs in at least one Executive Committee meeting per year.The Executive Committee, in consultation with Standing Committee leadership, will undertake long-range and strategic planning on behalf of the Section.The leadership of the Section will participate in an annual retreat to facilitate in depth communication among the leaders of the various committees, and to engage in long-range and strategic planning, and consideration of issues important to the Section.

Standing Committee leaders will be encouraged to focus more on issues of leadership governance, effective management, and provision for continuity and succession

Membership, Communication, and Constituencies

The Section will continue to look for ways in which to expand its membership so as to reach lawyers in California who might be benefited by membership in the Section.

The Section has undertaken and vigorously will pursue a Constituency Project to identify, and to better serve and communicate with, the various constituencies of the Section as a whole and of its various Standing Committees. Because direct membership on the committees of the Section is of necessity limited to a small percentage of the Section’s members, the Section seeks to identify the needs ad interest of its members at large, the better to communicate with and to serve them.

The Section will place an increasing emphasis upon identifying services within the means of the Section that could be provided to its members at large, and implementing efficient and effective programs for delivering such services to members.

The Section will continue to strive to improve communication between and among its various committees, and will encourage those committees, through the Section’s publications and otherwise, to communicate matters of interest to the members of the Section at large, and to particular constituencies of the Section or its committees.

The Section will seek to update and improve the effectiveness of its written communications, such as program announcements, brochures, publication formats, and the like, both to convey a unified identity for the Section, and to be more informative, readable and accessible.

Other Objectives

The Section will strive to set dues, price programs and publications, and otherwise generate revenues and manage costs at levels appropriate to maintain a prudent but not excessive surplus from year to year in the Section’s fund.

The Section will seek to maintain its interfund allocation at an amount that does not exceed the value of support services provided by the State Bar of California.

The Section will maintain a close relationship with the Board of Trustees of the State Bar of California.

The Section will maintain a close relationship with, and a representative of the Section will participate actively in, the Council of State Bar Sections, and will work with other sections and committees of the State Bar of California on matters of common interest.

The Section will seek to establish relationships with its counterparts in the American Bar Association and the bar associations of other states and counties.

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