Standing Committee Application

Applications for the Standing Committees are reviewed on a rolling basis. You may apply at any time. If you have questions, please contact

Standing Committee Application

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    1. What standing committee are you applying for membership? You may apply for multiple standing committees

    Diversity CommitteeE-Briefs CommitteeEducation CommitteeJournal CommitteeTreatise CommitteeUCL Committee

    If you checked multiple, which is your top choice?

    2. Please provide a brief description of your practice. If you litigate, please let us know whether you primarily do plaintiff or defense work.

    3. Do you specialize in an area of law (e.g., internal investigations, cartels, dominant firms, state antitrust/UCL, M&A) or an industry (e.g., pharmaceuticals, electronics, technology, health care, etc.)?

    4. Please describe any diversity factors or other considerations that you would like to share with us:

    5. Please attach your resume.