From the Editor-in-chief



By Mason L. Brawley, Esq.*

I’ll be honest, I wasn’t sure exactly what I was getting into when I accepted the opportunity to be Editor-in-Chief. I had served on the Quarterly subcommittee for years in various roles but never as the "Chief." However, as I close out the year, I look back on it as stressful, exciting, rewarding, and completely worthwhile.

This year would not have gone as well as it did without a dedicated group of volunteers. Each article goes through rigorous editing, citation checking, and proofing. We simply couldn’t do it without the generous time from our Editorial Board. Thank you—Kristen Caverly (Executive Editor), Ralph Hughes (Executive Editor), Robert Barton (Managing Editor), Nicholas Van Brunt (Managing Editor), Ryka Farotte (Staff Editor), Erin Kolko (Staff Editor), and Agnieszka Adams (Operations Editor). Our Editorial Board was smaller than it has been in prior years, and each member put in a tremendous amount of work.

Sublime Designs Media and its staff, particularly T Sahara Meer, has been wonderful to work with and I appreciate all of their hard work ensuring that each issue of the Quarterly was published, printed and arrived timely—thank you.

This issue includes a diverse set of articles that I think our members will find useful and informative.

William Broderick-Villa authored our Tips of the Trade article. The article reviews In re Brace, a bankruptcy case decided by the California Supreme Court, and discusses its potential impact on property held in joint tenancy.

Scott Fraser and Matthew Owens have co-authored the second part of their two-part series on discovery and electronically stored information (the first part appeared in Issue 26-2). This part covers responses to e-discovery.

Ciarán O’Sullivan and Andrew Verriere have co-authored an article exploring the question of whether the work product doctrine protects the work product of an estate planner in post-death estate litigation and, if so, whether it should.

Kristen Caverly, Lisa Roper, and Stephen Blea have co-authored an article on the California Uniform Principal and Income Act (CUPIA), which reviews the CUPIA and suggests that practitioners and clients consider unitrusts to avoid (or resolve) issues when the interests of the beneficiaries entitled to income and principal do not align.

Lastly, Jennifer Scharre has written a great article on Proposition 19. This article builds upon her December 2020 California Lawyers Association webinar (which I understand was extremely popular). This article reviews Proposition 19 impacts, planning options, and recent guidance from the Board of Equalization.

I am pleased to pass the Editor-in Chief baton to Kristen Caverly. She has been a wonderful contributor to the Quarterly, both as an Executive Editor and author. I admire her work and I am confident that she will be a great leader and transition into the role seamlessly. One of the most stressful aspects of being the Editor-in-Chief is gathering content. If you have an idea for an article, please forward your proposal to Kristen.

*Murphy & Brawley, LLP, Merced, California

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