Solo and Small Firm

The Practitioner Winter 2020, Volume 26, Issue 1

The Personal Touch Sets You Apart, Is Your Most Cost-Effective Marketing, and Provides Occasional Hugs

By C. Margaret Tritch Buonocore

C. Margaret Tritch Buonocorehas been a member of the California Bar since 1994 and a Solicitor of the Rolls in England and Wales since 1998. She was also admitted to the Arizona Bar in 2015. Margaret has a Bachelor’s of Science in Justice Studies from Arizona State University, a Juris Doctorate from Pepperdine University and a Master’s in International Business Law (LLM) from The London School of Economics & Political Science. After working as a Director and General Counsel of investment company, Maitland Primrose Group, Inc. since 2003, Margaret has recently returned to the practice of law in Arizona, enjoying using her background in international business and finance to assist individuals and companies in planning their future, whether locally, nationally or internationally. Margaret can be contacted at: Tritch Buonocore Law, PLLC,

When I was opening my firm, I wondered how would I compete? What would make my practice different? I was nervous and concerned. I did the things I knew how to do. I developed my business plan, found office space, developed my branding, website, etc. I ticked all those boxes. But when I focused on the reason I was opening my firm, the pieces fell into place with far less fear. I wanted to be of service to others. I wanted to use my twenty plus years of practicing and working in companies to help people. Your reasons may not be mine, but your reasons will be your North Star. They will guide you to what only you can offer. In the various companies I have had the privilege to work for, it has been important to attain clarity on the reason I was doing what I was doing and then really focus on how I could do it uniquely, better and/or differently. What is your "why"? And how can you deliver it better? Knowing this for myself helps me through the bad days and keeps me focused on my why.

I have worked with some of the biggest law firms in my career – as a client. I was an in-house counsel and while I have a few lasting friendships from those days, we were all in the rat race. I was treated well because I had large contracts to offer to these firms. Speed, reputation, resources, and deep pockets were important in my selection of those firms. But I can’t say that any of those partners truly cared about me or the companies.

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