Solo and Small Firm

The Practitioner Summer 2018, Volume 24, Issue 3

Practical Podcasting For Professionals

By David Pisarra

David Pisarra is a Podcaster and Global Speaker. His Santa Monica based family law practice is focused on men and fathers. He hosts the Men’s Family Law podcast which is available for download on iTunes in both audio and video formats. He has additional videos on and he can be reached at or www.

In my experience, most lawyers hate marketing themselves; they don’t know how to do it, and have a hard time finding clients—which is why the "rainmakers" get so much freedom in a firm. For the solo or small-firm lawyers who spend time and money at chamber of commerce mixers, you’ve done what I call the "Grip and Grin dance"—you introduce yourself to someone, shake hands, smile, and make some small talk about the canapés before asking the question… "So, what do you do?" Most of us politely nod our heads and make a note of our new friend, who is a Reiki Master, or one of the fourteen types of yoga instructors. We will chat for about five minutes, exchange business cards, and then disengage and move on to the next target.

This process of meet, introduce and move on, has deep roots in society and has been a slow but effective way to build a clientele for generations. Today, though, we have a new tool in the entrepreneur’s toolbox—the podcast.

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