Cal. Litig. 2017, Volume 30, Number 3

Give Your Persuasive Writing A Diamond’s Sparkle

By Ben Feuer

As rocks go, diamonds stand out. Carbon, trapped miles beneath the Earth’s surface and subjected to immense pressure for billions of years, morphs into a translucent crystal with atoms so closely bonded together the Greeks named the stones after a word meaning "unbreakable." Today, diamonds have complex cultural significance, and the $80 billion-a-year diamond industry shuttles gems across the globe with minimal friction.

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Operating this sophisticated, international industry led diamond traders to develop an efficient way of communicating about diamonds despite cultural and linguistic barriers. Since the 1950’s, specialty labs have issued formal certificates grading every diamond based on the "Four Cs" of diamond quality—clarity, cut, color, and carat. This approach translates everything important about a diamond into a simple, easy-to-communicate set of quantifiable measures.

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