Intellectual Property Law

New Matter SUMMER 2022, VOLUME 47, EDITION 2


Thomas A. Ward
Editor-in-Chief of New Matter

Welcome to the summer edition of New Matter for 2022. The cover of this edition illustrates the IP issues in Russia since the Russian invasion of Ukraine. The first mark is the McDonald’s mark in Cyrillic lettering that is used in Russia. The last is the new mark registration application in Russia with the McDonald’s "M" turned on its side for the Cyrillic letter "B" (or "V" in Arabic) that is used in the Russian trademark application that translates to "Uncle Vanya."

Two articles in New Matter discuss IP issues in Russia since the Ukraine invasion. First, we are pleased to receive an article entitled "What’s Happening in Russia—Should IP Rightsholders Be Concerned?" that was written by Annikki Hamalainen and Rikkia Palmos who practice in Helsinki, Finland as well as in Russia. Their article specifically addresses the cover art trademark issues for McDonalds, and we highly encourage you to read the article to see a perspective from attorneys practicing in Russia. Second, we are pleased to have the article "Russia Permits Uncompensated Use of Certain Patents and Future of Russian Patents" by Ben Borson in this edition that focuses on the patent issues resulting from Russia waging war on Ukraine.

As always, I continue to thank our New Matter editorial staff for accomplishing the work to get this publication to you. In particularly, thanks to Amanda Nye who is the Acquisition Editor, Anthony Craig who is the Production Editor, Dabney Eastham who is Senior Articles Editor, and Leaf Williams who is Associate Production Editor.

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