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Despite an historic 12-month period ravished by pandemic, political turmoil, and natural disasters, the spirit of human innovation and enterprise still managed to provide hope. Days ago, the Mars rover Perseverance and its helicopter companion Ingenuity successfully touched down in the Jezero crater on Mars. This incredible feat represents over 4,000 years of human investment, according to Mars 2020 chief engineer Adam Steltzner. Imagine the thousands of models, iterations, programs, errors, calculations, and scrapped ideas that went into reaching another planet in the universe. The symbolic accomplishment of Perseverance accomplishing such a feat in the wake of several global challenges serves as inspiration to professionals from all walks of life.

As we all continue to persevere through challenges, our executive committee has been working hard to deliver new initiatives and programming for LPMT members. There are lots of exciting developments to be announced by our section in the coming weeks, which will highlight legal innovation and technology pioneers, equip lawyers to succeed in virtual & hybrid trials, showcase helpful technology tools, teach essential skills for using technology, and help lawyers develop networks of robust professional relationships. In addition, we have launched our LPMT member spotlight campaign, where we will periodically highlight and celebrate the accomplishments of an LPMT member.

We hope that you will get involved with our LPMT section, and there are several ways to do so: you can apply to join the 2022 LPMT executive committee, you can participate in our contributor network, you can speak at the upcoming Solo & Small Firm Summit, and you can volunteer to help out on one of our subcommittees.

Inspired by the successful Mars mission of Perseverance, our executive committee hopes to bring new energy to deliver an incredible & unique experience for our LPMT members.

As always, I wish you well, and please don’t hesitate to reach out with ideas, thoughts, feedback, and comments on how you can get more out of your LPMT membership.


Clayton Dodds
2021 Chair, LPMT Executive Committee

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