Message from the Vice Chair

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The California Lawyers Association (CLA) Annual Meeting is rapidly approaching, and I hope you will join the LPMT section — and hundreds of other California lawyers — in Monterey on October 10-13. In the run-up to the annual meeting, our section’s executive committee typically reflects back on what we accomplished over the past year and begins to plan for the coming year. This edition of the Law Practice Management & Technology e-News is particularly exciting, because the volume represents the future of our section, from top to bottom!

Probably the most obvious signal of our section’s progress is what you see at the top of this e-mail (or webpage). You will notice that CLA and LPMT have released a new logo and color scheme, which will serve as the visual identity and brand of the organization over the next few years. Additionally, our section is committed to providing both in-person and on-demand programming for lawyers throughout the state of California. As part of that commitment, we are excited to release the webinar bundle of programs from the Orange County Legal Tech Conference, which our section produced at Santa Ana College back in May. You can earn 8 hours of CLE credit while learning about technology, privacy, and security from a slate of expert speakers — all at a discounted rate!

Our executive committee strongly believes that partnering with other organizations is an effective way to curate content that LPMT members find valuable. Our section has been proactive in building relationships with other CLA sections, legal organizations, law schools, and bar associations, in order to maximize our section’s reach and impact. In this edition of the e-News, you will see several products of that effort — from the four LPMT programs that will be presented at the Annual Meeting to the upcoming webinars presented by the Legal Secretaries, Incorporated (LSI) to the 10-Minute Mentor videos our section contributed to in conjunction with the California Young Lawyers Association (CYLA). Finally, because of the wonderful relationships our section maintains with many vendors, we are pleased to offer a host of member-only benefits, ranging from marketing to e-discovery to court reporting to document management.  

As you can see, this edition of the e-News showcases our success in 2019 and also offers a small glimpse into what is to come for the LPMT section. CLA is offering discounted membership through September 30th, and we hope that you will invite others to share in the exciting future of LPMT. Our entire committee cherishes the opportunity to help California lawyers use technology, manage their practice, grow their business, and serve their clients. With 6 new members set to join our executive committee in October, we welcome the input and feedback from all LPMT members to help inform our strategic planning for 2020 and beyond.

On behalf of our entire executive committee, we look forward to hearing from you and seeing you in Monterey!

Clayton Dodds
2019 Vice Chair, LPMT Executive Committee
Director of Marketing, Brewer Offord & Pedersen LLP