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45th Annual IP Institute Bundle

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Did you miss the 45th Annual IP Institute back in 2021? If you did, this is your chance to view the top sessions from our Annual IP Institute.

The more panels you purchase, the bigger the saving is! Purchase all 7 panels and receive 20% off! Offer ends 02/15/2023.

Please note that the OnDemand and CLEtoGo (podcast) version of the panel is offered. Please be sure to select the type of format you prefer.

This Bundle and Save Package includes the following programs:

How to Ensure a Smooth Sail at the PTAB: Best Practices for Petitioners & Patent Owners
PTAB trial proceedings are a significant hurdle to patent enforcement and monetization. The preliminary stage of a trial is perhaps the most critical period for patent owners. And discretionary denials and changes to patent owner testimonial evidence have greatly impacted the strategy for effective preliminary responses. If the patent owner is unable to avoid institution, the trial concludes in a final written decision. Potential pitfalls face parties here too, and an effective trial strategy requires briefing matters of significance, not wasting money on distractions, and a comprehensive understanding of direct testimony, cross-examination, briefing and motion practices, and inter partes and ex parte amendment procedures. The panel will discuss these complex proceedings and their relationship to patent enforcement.

The Changing Climate on Pharma Patents, Healthcare Investment, and Drug Pricing & Accessibility
Due to evolving social and legal issues, including the COVID-19 pandemic, the climate on pharmaceutical patents and their intersection with healthcare, drug pricing, and accessibility has changed. This panel will discuss the impact of recent policy changes and proposals for reform on incentives for drug development and patient accessibility. Discussion topics will include the relationship between drug development costs and pricing, the importance of incentives such as intellectual property, and the role of the government in drug development and access for evolving patient needs.

Shifting Tokes — Cannabis-Related Patents in a Changing World
A discussion on thoughtful strategies for protecting cannabis and related products in light of a quickly changing legal landscape. Learn how to outline and execute an IP strategy that builds value from seed to smoke and be ready for the next big transaction or to ensure fair and honest competition in the marketplace.

Best Practices for Managing Open-Source Software in Product Development
Open-source software is free of charge, robust, and ubiquitous in software development today. But to use it properly, companies need compliance processes in place to honor the terms of the licenses. This panel will discuss how to put together a workable corporate open-source compliance program. It brings together experts representing the perspective of in-house legal teams, M&A counsel, and engineering tooling providers, with deep expertise in setting up and running open-source compliance programs.

The Brave New World of AI-Enabled Technologies IP Protection & Ethics
Artificial intelligence (AI)-enabled technology has widespread applications and is increasingly becoming important to the production of goods and services. Commercialization of AI-enabled technology and big data processes requires an incentive system such as intellectual property protection to help promote investment and innovation. This, however, poses legal and ethical challenges. This panel will address IP rights in AI, ethical concerns in the use of AI, and tips on operationalizing AI ethics for your company to achieve the right balance between adequate protection and ethical use.

Swim with the Tide – Best Practices for Patent Due Diligence and IP Licensing for Technology Transactions and M&A
Commonly occurring mistakes in tech- and IP-related agreements can be fatal to both daily operations, as well as to future M&A prospects of a company. Missing, overbroad, or insufficiently scoped IP-related provisions (e.g., ownership, licenses, covenants not to sue, affiliate definitions, representations & warranties/indemnities, liability limitations, assignability clauses, and fee structures) can create waves, if not tsunamis, in your technology license agreement or M&A transaction. Please join an experienced panel of practitioners to discuss these terms, when they do and do not matter (much), how to identify them (systematic and well-planned due diligence!), and to how remediate them, through careful structuring, drafting and negotiations. The panel will also review the practical dynamics of how corporate and IP (read: patent) attorneys typically interact in the transactional context and will offer some tools to collaborate effectively to improve the potential to realize full deal value.

Wading Through State Privacy Compliance: From CPRA and Beyond
State-level momentum for comprehensive privacy bills is at an all-time high. After the California Consumer Privacy Act passed in 2018, multiple states proposed similar legislation to protect consumers in their states. This panel will discuss the commonalities held among recent state privacy legislation and what companies can do to adapt to these recent changes.

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