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One of the most gratifying tasks for the Family Law Executive Committee is the presentation of awards. Awards are presented to judicial officers, attorneys, court staff and others based on different criteria. 


The Judicial Officer of the Year Award recognizes excellence on the Family Law bench.  A jurist can be recognized for their career achievements or a singular act. 

The Family Law Lifetime Achievement Award recognizes the most distinguished long-term achievements and sustained substantial contributions to the substance or practice of Family Law in the State of California over the recipient’s career or lifetime. 

Another award presented by the Family Law Section is for Excellence in Family Law.  This award can be presented to lawyers and non-lawyers and seeks to recognize notable acts or outstanding service which contributes to and benefits the practice of family law in California.

The Barrister Award is intended to recognize outstanding contributions by family law attorneys who have less than 5 years of experience. To date, the award has only been presented once. The recipient was incoming FLEXCOM Chair Stephen Montagna of Solano County.

The Court Staff Award recognizes sustained superior performance or extraordinary efforts in the recipient’s performance of their work with the Family Law courts.  Nominations must be submitted by Family Law bench officers. Nominees are court personnel, including clerks, judicial assistants, Family Law Facilitators, domestic violence counselors, court reporters, bailiffs, administrative personnel, and Family Court Services employees.

2019 Award Recipients

The following awards have been (or will be) presented in 2019:

Court Staff Award
  • Denise Subia, San Luis Obispo County Superior Court
  • Deanna McIntyre, Sacramento County Superior Court
  • Nicolle Clark, Contra Costa Superior Court
  • Sara Armstead, San Diego County Superior Court

The following awards will be presented by the Family Law Section at our award ceremony during the 2019 California Lawyers Association Annual Meeting in Monterey.  The ceremony will be held on Friday, October 11, 2019, from 5:30 PM to 6:30 PM – Section members are encouraged to attend. 

Lifetime Achievement Award
  • Bonnie Rose Hough, Judicial Council of California
Judicial Officer of the Year

Hon. Michael J. Convey, Los Angeles

How to Help FLEXCOM With Awards

Each year, FLEXCOM seeks nominations for these awards. We rely heavily on section members to identify jurists, attorneys, court staff, and others who should be considered for the awards. You can view our awards page here.

After October 2019, when the new FLEXCOM term begins, the page will be updated to include the 2019-2020 awards application. We encourage all section members to nominate worthy candidates, or to ask their judicial officers to do so in the case of the Court Staff Award.

Omne Trium Perfectum
Stephen D. Hamilton
Chair, Family Law Executive Committee of the
California Lawyers Association