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The Family Law Executive Committee (FLEXCOM) is seeking new members for our next term. FLEXCOM is an exciting way to give back to the family law community through legislative review and drafting, continuing legal education, and writing. Our committee is comprised of a diverse group of family law practitioners throughout the State of California with a wide variety of expertise and we need you! Apply here. Deadlines: for Section Executive Committees, April 1, 2021; for all CLA Committees, August 1, 2021.

What is FLEXCOM?

FLEXCOM is the governing body for the 4,000 plus members of the Family Law Section. FLEXCOM meets approximately 8 times during a term, which typically begins and ends in September.

The Family Law Section was organized, and the first FLEXCOM board established, in 1978. For the first 40 years of our existence, FLEXCOM was part of the California State Bar. With the separation of the sections in 2018, FLEXCOM joined the other 16 sections as part of the new and dynamic, California Lawyers Association (CLA).

What does FLEXCOM do?

FLEXCOM provides support and services to attorneys whose practices address any of the issues under the Family Law umbrella. This includes marriage, dissolution, parentage, custody and support, community property, adoptions, marital agreements, mediation and other alternative resolution mechanisms. We address any issues or matters affecting the rights, privileges, duties and responsibilities to the members of families.

We carry out these functions through our publications, educational programs, commenting on and proposing legislation and public outreach. The Family Law News is printed and delivered to all section members and family law judicial officers within the state on a quarterly basis. Family Law News Monthly, which you are reading now, is published monthly. Both publications contain scholarly articles, announcement of events and other information helpful to anyone engaged in the practice of family law.

Our educational programs include live education, which is provided throughout the state as stand-alone programs or as part of the educational programs provided at the CLA Annual Meeting. We also deliver education to you several times a month through our webinars. Section members receive regular e-mail notice of upcoming webinars.

FLEXCOM addresses legislation in two ways: we review all legislation introduced to determine if it impacts Family Law. If it does, we determine, as a committee, whether we should take a position on that legislation. If so, our position is set forth in a letter which is delivered to the legislature. We also regularly meet with legislators at stakeholder meetings to discuss any concerns, comments or suggestions about pending legislation, and appear at committee hearings to express positions on behalf of FLEXCOM.

We also propose legislation as part of our affirmative legislation function. This is an important function of FLEXCOM that works best when we have input and suggestions from our section members.

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