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Free Webinar: Think Up, Lean Forward: Walking Lightly Over Terra Firma

Walking is a dance. Learn to do it gracefully to save your knees, hips, and back. Join us for an insightful hour as we explore the fascinating interplay between walking, posture, memory, and movement. We'll delve into how our bodies adapt to trauma, the long-term implications of these changes, and strategies to restore confident, balanced walking. This presentation promises to change the way you think about every step you take.

Intellectual Property Law

Windy Hill Open Space Preserve Wellness Hike and Discussion

Law practice can be grueling. The work can be intense, and the hours, long. Stress is inevitable, but with a systematic and comprehensive wellness program, with regular hiking as the foundation, manageable.


Webinar: Understanding Arbitrability in California-Seated Arbitrations

This webinar will provide practitioners with a comprehensive understanding of arbitrability issues in California-seated arbitrations, equipping them with the knowledge and skills to navigate complex arbitrability determinations effectively. Topics will include: 

Family Law

Webinar: Intro and Practical Guide to using AI and Tech in Family Law

How artificial intelligence and technology can be useful from start to finish in every case by focusing on specific practical applications at different points in the workflow of a typical case, and understanding what tools are available to explore, the capabilities and limitations of these tools, and how to get the most out of the technology.


Webinar: Hyperlinked Evidence Presentation for Litigation Support

The purpose of this webinar is to show participants the efficient results of hyperlinking documents to tax returns, reports, briefs, audit files and other documents in litigation and other court filings. The objective of the webinar is to demonstrate and teach how terabytes and compound documents can be available at the click of a button.

We are committed to accessibility! Virtual events are equipped with closed captioning. To request an in-person accommodation, send us a note at or contact us at 916-516-1760 for assistance.


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