Webinar: Time Management & Productivity Techniques for the Busy Lawyer

This program offers 1 participatory MCLE credit. You must register in advance to participate: https://bit.ly/2K40UuH

Legal services, by their very nature, are reactive services.Reacting to partner demands, client needs, and unexpected events.  Therefore, it is imperative to develop a productive workflow or your entire day, day after day, will be consumed by reactive projects and you’ll never realize your peak performance or feel like anything was accomplished.

Similarly, attorneys and other legal professionals experience a lot of pressure to work hard, focused, and efficiently. We get frustrated and anxious when non-billable work is thrown on our plate: team meetings, administrative projects, entering billable time, reading and responding to emails.  The problem is not with the non-billable assignments.  They are challenging at times; however, there is so much other lost time in a day that you can control.  You are wasting non-billable and non-trackable time every day by listening to the wrong music or noise, mismanaging your email, entering your billable time, multi-tasking the wrong way, and the distractions you can control.Yet, we are never taught how to manage our time and we frequently welcome these distractions.

This interactive workshop is designed to teach you how to manage your time and mitigate the frequent distractions.  It will help you change your own habits and build a stronger personal practice. It will consider culture challenges within your firm, your personal dreams if you had more time, things that are taking up unnecessary time, and more.  We will take a deep dive into what is personally causing you stress and anxiety at the present time and develop a solution for it.  You’ll have a better understanding of the challenges of multi-tasking, you will be able to break down a project into bite-sized and manageable tasks, and you’ll learn how to communicate your workload in an accepting way.

Speaker: Sarah Tetlow