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Webinar: The Rise of the Robots: Harnessing AI’s Potential for the Future of Dispute Resolution

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October 13, 2023 @ 12:00 pm 1:00 pm

Special low price! 1 Hour MCLE

With the launch of ChatGPT4, many dispute resolution professionals have become paranoid about artificial intelligence replacing them. What if AI learns to  play the role of mediator or arbitrator, for a penny a case? How can we compete with algorithms that never sleep, speak 100 languages, and  can read a million cases in an afternoon? Are we destined to become obsolete relics, just waiting around to be upgraded to a better model?
On the other hand, if we set our fears aside, can AI increase access to justice by leveling the playing field, reducing the costs and length of dispute resolution, and minimizing the inherent conflicts and biases of human advocates? Besides a world of robots making binding decisions, how might a properly developed and curated AI tool guide users through the dispute resolution process, research  relevant laws, and analyze text and video to provide a relatively unbiased early neutral evaluation? While today’s legal AI initiatives are mostly focused on efficiencies for law firms, the advent of personalized AI may soon enable non-lawyers to better understand and evaluate their dispute resolution options before they decide to contact a lawyer or file a claim.
And the logical next question: if robots do in fact displace lawyers and arbitrators, how do we ensure transparency, responsibility and accountability?  We’ve put a lot of time and energy into developing ethical rules and conflict checks for arbitrators and mediators, and we have systems to ensure that human neutrals are playing by those rules. It is much harder to look into the “eyes” of a robot to see whether it’s planning to respect rules around confidentiality, neutrality, and privacy.
This may be why the ODR field has largely eschewed the language of AI to describe the roles technology can play in a dispute resolution process, instead opting for the concept of the “fourth party.” In this paradigm the disputants are party one and party two, the arbitrator is party three, and technology (in all its forms) is party four. This conceptualization emphasizes the collaboration between human neutrals and technology because there are some tasks the third party can do better and some tasks the fourth party can do better. The primary question instead becomes how to optimize the partnership to achieve our shared objective, which is finding an efficient, cost-effective, and fair resolution to the dispute at hand.

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Jo Levy

A certified mediator since 2002 and a member of the AAA commercial arbitrator roster, Jo Levy brings a wealth of technology, business, and international experience to help parties resolve complex disputes. As a court-appointed mediator for the Northern District of California, she mediated a wide range of cases, from IP and business disputes to civil rights and consumer actions. Her success resolving complex technology matters and passion for artificial intelligence is founded upon 20 years in leadership roles at Intel Corporation, including General Counsel for Intel Corporation, Asia Pacific & Japan, Chief Compliance Officer, and Associate Director of Litigation. Prior to Intel, she was a litigation partner at Reed Smith in San Francisco, where her practice included representing clients in state, federal, and international arbitrations and mediations. At Intel, Jo spearheaded several artificial intelligence initiatives and participated in projects promoting the development of AI for good She is a frequent speaker on matters pertaining to artificial intelligence and believes in the power of AI to level the playing field and increase access to justice.

Colin Rule

Colin Rule is CEO of,, and  In 2011 Colin co-founded, an Online Dispute Resolution (ODR) provider based in Silicon Valley, which was acquired by Tyler Technologies in 2017.  From 2017 to 2020 Colin served as Vice President of ODR at Tyler.  From 2003 to 2011 Colin was Director of ODR for eBay and PayPal. Colin is the author of Online Dispute Resolution for Business and co-author of The New Handshake: ODR and the Future of Consumer Protection. He serves on the boards of the Consensus Building Institute and the PeaceTech Lab at the United States Institute of Peace.  He is currently Co-Chair of the Advisory Board of the National Center for Technology and Dispute Resolution at UMass-Amherst and a Fellow at the Gould Center for Conflict Resolution at Stanford Law School.  Colin co-founded Online Resolution, one of the first online dispute resolution (ODR) providers, in 1999 and served as its CEO and President. Colin also worked for several years with the National Institute for Dispute Resolution in Washington, DC and the Consensus Building Institute in Cambridge, MA.

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