Webinar Replay: How to Get More Out of your Mediator and your Mediations

This program offers 1 participatory MCLE credit. You must register in advance to participate: https://bit.ly/2KHChUd

Why don’t more cases settle in mediation?  Surely, mediation can be more successful than it usually is.  Few situations re more uncomfortable than driving away from a mediation with your client in the car, after a case didn’t settle.  This webinar looks at what attorneys can do in mediation, when advocating for their clients, to increase the probability that their mediations actually settle.

Seasoned mediators have taken hundreds of hours of classes and workshops in mediation and negotiation strategy, and have facilitated hundreds or thousands of negotiations.  Most attorneys never get to see all of the skills a mediator has because they never make the mediator work hard enough to see their mediator to utilize those skills.

We will look at every stage of how advocates can influence the process, from pre-mediation and preparation to communication and negotiation, to overcoming would-be impasses and getting the deal done.

Join a master mediator to learn how counsel can get even more out of their mediators and mediations, and enjoy more successful settlements.  As a 24-year mediator, the presenter has seen literally thousands of attorneys work their craft in mediations.  Learn from these experiences as he shares with you what makes attorneys successful and leave with settlements and with satisfied clients.

Speaker: Lee Jay Berman

Moderator: Ana Sambold