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There are hundreds. If not thousands, of exercise videos available for free on You Tube! They run the gamut from cardio, resistance training, High Interval Training (HIT), to pilates, yoga, Zumba and more.

I prefer to watch them and participate on my large screen TV, but you could watch on a phone, laptop or tablet. To get them on my smart TV, I just get it to the right “input” screen and I speak into the remote control. I start with “You Tube Exercise videos”, then I narrow down for instance, to “low impact cardio videos”. It is quite simple. You can also use time as a filter as in saying “10 minute ab workout” – you’ll be amazed at how many come up!

I have listed below some that I have come to prefer and return to. They are listed with my favorites toward the top. But just like any exercise class it, each of us may have different preferences with regard to instructors. The good thing is that if you are not liking the instructor you just stop and go on to a different video!

Walk at Home with Leslie Sansone – Her videos are very straightforward and focused on walking type steps that you can do in a small space. The pace is driven by the music, gradually increasing such that your heart rate gets to an aerobic level. Easy to follow. She generally has 1 mile, 2 mile and 3 mile videos, each just a tad bit different from the others. She also incorporates a resistance band in several and light hand weights in others. You can get some upper body work in as well. She has a nice, sparkly personality and is motivational regarding the importance of overall health and especially heart health. Her website is She has been in the fitness business many years. – A wide variety of low impact cardio videos, with some resistance training also. Daniel ad Alex are an Australian husband and wife team. They have good chemistry and are fun to watch. His focus is on being motivational and does a very good job. They offer personal coaching for a fee (though they have over 450 free video). Their low impact cardio videos are some of my favorites for working up a good sweat without too much jumping around. They have been in the fitness business for many years as well. There are several videos called “cardio starter” which I like. They also provide modifications (alternate movements that may be less stressful on knee joints, as an example. – This company has a huge variety of videos – cardio, HIT, resistance training, exercises to do with your children. They use a wide variety of “trainers” who lead the movements. Some of theirs are quite tough and I feel directed to a younger target market. But they offer just about anything you might be looking for. – Another husband and wife team. Their personalities are more sedate, and their videos are very straightforward. They also offer a variety. Some of their resistance training videos are quite good. Often it is just one of them at a time demonstrating the exercise. The wife has a 10-minute ab workout that is basic and good. – Another husband and wife team. Huge variety of videos. She is pregnant in some, so she shows modification. They too are somewhat sedate in terms of personality. However, their approach is very thorough and you can tell they have fitness education and expertise. He tries to be motivational but is a little flat.

Vikki Kuick – or feel free to contact me at 619-306-8834 with questions.

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