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Sponsoring a Law Student: Fostering Legal Education and Outreach with CLA

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November 2023

By Amy Williams

Sponsoring a law student to attend the 2023 CLA Annual Meeting conference was an enlightening and rewarding experience. It allowed me to support the education and professional development of a future legal professional and shed light on the significance of law school outreach programs and the broader community of organizations engaged in similar activities. 

Sponsoring a law student for a legal conference is an essential act of support, as it provides an opportunity for those with limited financial resources to access valuable educational and networking experiences they might otherwise be unable to afford. Many law students face financial challenges during their academic journey, and sponsoring them not only eases their financial burden but also promotes inclusivity and diversity in the legal profession. This gesture helps ensure that deserving and passionate individuals can access the knowledge and connections necessary for a successful legal career regardless of their economic background.

My decision to sponsor a law student was also rooted in my belief that fostering legal education is an investment in the future of justice and our communities. Legal education equips individuals with the skills and knowledge to navigate the complexities of the legal system, enabling them to advocate for justice, equality, and the protection of individual rights. But, by sponsoring a law student to attend the conference, I aimed to provide a platform for aspiring lawyers to enhance their understanding of the legal landscape, gain practical insights, and network with established professionals in the field.

My experience sponsoring a law student was marked by the joy of witnessing this student’s enthusiasm and passion for the legal profession. Attending the conference exposed this student to diverse perspectives, innovative legal strategies, and a network of legal experts, including myself. It also provided a valuable opportunity for this student to hone practical public speaking and networking skills. Witnessing her growth potential and dedication to the law was deeply fulfilling.

Law school outreach is vital to legal education, connecting law schools and students to the broader legal community. Outreach programs facilitate knowledge sharing, networking, and real-world experience. They bridge the gap between theoretical legal education and practical application, preparing students for the challenges they will encounter in their legal careers.

At California Lawyers Association, many sections recognize the importance of law school outreach and conduct similar activities. These programs often include moot court competitions, internships, scholarships, and conferences, all of which enhance students’ legal knowledge, practical skills, and networking opportunities. By investing in these outreach activities, we contribute to developing a well-rounded and competent legal workforce. The legal profession benefits from these initiatives as it ensures that these law students are exposed to a wide range of legal specialties, helping them to make informed career choices.

The impact of sponsoring a law student and supporting law school outreach extends beyond the individual. It helps shape the legal community, encouraging diversity, inclusivity, and the exchange of ideas. It nurtures the next generation of legal professionals who are knowledgeable and passionate about the principles of justice and the rule of law. In turn, we contribute to developing a well-prepared, diverse, and dedicated legal community. As we increasingly recognize the significance of these programs, we collectively strengthen the legal profession, ensuring that it continues to evolve, adapt, and uphold the principles of justice for generations to come. 

As the class of 2026 starts its journey as a 1L, please consider sponsoring a law student to attend a future conference or event, and you just might make that difference that impacts the whole of the legal profession.

Amy Williams, Esq., is the Past Chair (2021-2022) of the Law Practice Management and Technology Section of California Lawyers Association. 

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