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Memorandum of Understanding Concerning Copyright Ownership For Employees Of The Federal Government

I have been asked to contribute an article, report, essay, comment, book review, or other content for publication in ________ [insert name of publication], a publication of the ___ Section of the California Lawyers Association (“the Association”):

1. Information Concerning the Work:

TITLE OF WORK (hereafter, “the Work”): _________________________________

AUTHOR: __________________________________________

I hereby warrant and represent that:

A. The Work was created by me within the scope of my employment with the US federal government and is, therefore, in the public domain;

B. The Work has not previously been published, in whole or in part;

C. The Work does not infringe the copyright or other property rights of any third party;

D. The Work does not contain matter that is defamatory or that violates any third party’s civil rights, rights of privacy or publicity, or other legal rights, or that is otherwise unlawful; and

E. If the Work includes any textual, graphic, or photographic material that is the property of a third party or parties, I have obtained written consent from all such parties allowing the exercise by the Association of the rights to print, reprint, publish, reproduce, use, edit, modify the formatting of, distribute, publicly display, and sell the work in its entirety or in any portion, individually or as part of a collective work or other compilation, in print, electronic, or digital form, including but not limited to the exercise of such rights through internet or intranet sites, computer on-line services, on-line databases, and all other media and distribution mechanisms now known or later developed, and the right to sublicense these rights to third parties.

I hereby grant to the Association and its successors in interest a non-exclusive, worldwide, perpetual, royalty-free license of the right to use my name, likeness, photograph, and any biographical information I supply, in connection with its use of the Work.



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Printed Name of Federal Government Employer

Date Signed: ____________

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