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Meet MyCase: Better Practice Management For Today’s Busy Lawyer

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By Stephanie Wilkins

Having the right technology is critical to running an efficient and effective law practice today. If you’re like most attorneys, you probably find yourself or your staff spending too much time on administrative tasks or reconciling information from various systems in order to get your work done. What if you could spend more time doing the work you actually enjoy and making your clients happy rather than just juggling your caseload? The answer: use the right practice management software.

Enter MyCase. MyCase sets a high bar for customer experience, and for that reason they’ve committed to building their most crucial features in-house, rather than outsourcing mission-critical functions to third-party tools and software. This approach makes for the seamless workflows you need to unify your practice from client intake through collecting final payments. Even better, it won’t break the bank – all the natively built features are included in MyCase’s low monthly or annual subscription rate, with no hidden charges for extra features.

An impressive collection of natively built features makes for a sophisticated and intuitive practice management system that allows attorneys to seamlessly handle cases from end to end, including:

  • Client Intake & Lead Management
  • Case Management
  • Calendaring
  • Billing and Invoicing
  • Practice Oversight
  • Client Portal

How it Works

MyCase is a cloud-based practice management system that allows you to better manage your practice from end to end, taking you from client intake all the way to final payment.

Your MyCase experience starts on your home dashboard, where you have all your main features and functionalities laid out at the top left. 

From there, you can click directly into the tools you want to use without navigating to other applications or windows. 

Among MyCase’s roster of natively built solutions are four features that truly make it easy to manage your entire case from start to finish right within MyCase.

Top 4 High-Impact Features of MyCase


The Lead Intake feature in MyCase makes it easy to keep track of potential clients so no potential case ever slips through the cracks. All you have to do is enter the client’s contact information as a lead, and MyCase will create a potential case in the system. There is even an option to add a Contact Us form to your website so that leads are added directly to your MyCase account.

The intake system is built in-house, which means the potential case you create is integrated directly into the entire MyCase system. If the lead becomes a client, you can convert it to a case with just a few clicks. 

The next step is to add the case details – things like the nature of the case, the fee structure, the responsible attorney, and more.

In just a couple minutes, you’ve converted a potential client to a full matter in MyCase, where you can start accessing all the other features as your case develops. The ability to quickly and easily intake new matters is a powerful tool for ramping up caseloads and building your firm. With everything in one place, you no longer lose time chasing down or consolidating information from different systems.


Electronic signatures are a crucial feature of any practice management system, and often one that you have to pay extra for, because most systems use third-party tools – not so with MyCase. MyCase has doubled down on its e-signature tool as the pandemic made it clear just how important this functionality is in modern law practice.

MyCase incorporates e-signature templates for standard documents like retainer agreements and NDAs, meaning you can set it up once and then use it every time you need a similar document signed.

Within MyCase, you can designate a specific firm user to be the cosigner on particular types of documents, for example if there’s one person who signs all NDAs on behalf of the firm. Whenever the outside party submits their e-signature, MyCase notifies whatever cosigner has been designated and prompts them to complete the document.

With MyCase, you get your agreements signed as quickly as possible and convert a new client in seconds. Even if your outside signatures come in at 8pm while you’re at a baseball game, you’ll get the notification and you can add your signature right from your phone. Then just confirm the signatures and hit save, and you’re done. The document then seamlessly becomes part of your MyCase matter with almost no effort on your part.

MyCase’s e-signature functionality is more robust than many others on the market, because they’ve implemented a number of merge fields directly in MyCase. This means the system pulls your specific case information and incorporates it automatically into your e-signature documents, speeding up the process even more.

You can also see the signature status of all your documents in MyCase, so you always know what’s complete, what’s outstanding, and who’s holding up the process. Completed documents are available for download with signatures so you can share out or save as needed.


MyCase makes communication easy by incorporating two-way text messaging. Directly from your MyCase matter, you can access text messaging and send texts that are linked to your specific client and case.

Your recipient will receive the communication as a normal message in iMessage or whichever SMS app they use. For you, the MyCase user, you’ll see the texts in MyCase on your computer or in the mobile app if you’re using your phone. You get notifications when texts come into MyCase, but they won’t be blowing up your personal text messaging with client texts.

The text record is retained with the matter, so you can access or reference it at any time. You can also see all the texts that have been exchanged between any users on that matter, all in one place.

In addition to texting, MyCase includes other communication tools including internal chat, event reminders, and invoice payment reminders (more on payments in a minute). All these communication functionalities are a great example of how MyCase integrates every aspect of your matter, from your communications and case documents to your calendars and invoicing.


Finally, MyCase includes automated billing and invoicing functionality for no additional fee. You can set up payment plans and recurring charges that automatically tell your clients what they owe and make it easy for them to pay. Whatever your billing arrangement is, you can set it and forget it, spending less time on billing and more time on your case work.

Simply add your invoice and MyCase will calculate your ultimate fee for you based on the payment plan you specify and generate installment payments. You can set it up to accept online payments and have them deposited directly into a specified account. Your clients can add credit card information directly to the system to streamline payments as well.

Much like with the text messaging, the invoicing and payment history is tied directly to your matter in MyCase. You can always go in and see what’s been billed, what’s been paid, and what’s still owed. You can even send out payment links via MyCase that make it easy for your clients to pay.

Affordable, Efficient Practice Management

The icing on the cake is MyCase’s price – an annual subscription is $49 a month for their complete practice management software, including e-signatures and text messaging functionality. There are no add-ons, no hidden charges for certain features, and no surprises. You won’t find a better deal on the market for a comprehensive practice management solution.

With solutions built in-house that are designed to take your case from initial intake to final payment, MyCase is positioning itself as one of the most effective and affordable case management tools on the market now. Given the demands of running a legal practice today, you can’t afford not to try it.

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