The Corporations Committee is Accepting Applications!

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The Corporations Committee of the Business Law Section (BLS) is accepting Applications for Appointment, which can be accessed here or by going to, clicking on “Business Law” and “BLS Standing Committees.”  The next term starts upon adjournment of the California Lawyers Association annual meeting in October 2019 and will end upon adjournment of the annual meeting in 2023.

Did you know that California is the5th largest economy in the world?[1] Being a member of the Corporations Committeehas many benefits and provides opportunities to actively participate in California’s evolving and growing business laws and regulations.

  • Expand your Network.  Joining the Committee will enhance your practice providing you the opportunity to work with leading California business law practitioners.  As a member of the Committee, you will make connections with business lawyers throughout California.  The Committee is privileged to enjoy regular participation by liaisons from the SEC, the California Department of Business Oversight, the California Secretary of State, and the business law bar in Delaware.
  • Educate & Publish.  The Committee provides valuable information and education to the business legal community in California through its publications and programs. As a member, you can prepare e-bulletins, which provide succinct summaries and analyses of recent cases, laws and developments.  The Committee also provides publications, such as the Blue Sky Guide. Our programs educate California practitioners on topics ranging from legal fundamentals to cutting edge developments.
  • Make Law. The Committee actively participates in legislation and rulemaking.  The Committee sponsors bills to address corporate law issues, provides input on pending legislation, and comments on federal and state rulemaking.  Check out AB 667 on broker-dealer exemptions, which was proposed by the Corporations Committee.
  • Be Connected.  Members of the Committee interact directly with liaisons representing the California Secretary of State, the Department of Business Oversight, the Securities and Exchange Commission, and the business law bar in Delaware.  Committee members may also act as liaisons to other standing committees of the Business Law Section, such as Internet & Privacy Law, Financial Instructions, and Partnerships and Limited Liability Companies. 
  • Be a Leader.  The Committee offers opportunities to serve as a leader in various capacities from leading a legislative proposal, to serving on a subcommittee, to chairing the Committee itself.  Everyone contributes!

California has a dynamic and vibrant business legal community and you should be on the ground floor guiding its path.  To be eligible to be appointed to the Corporations Committee, BLS members must have been in practice for at least five years.  The Corporations Committee holds regular monthly meetings, alternating between southern and northern California.  All members are strongly encouraged to attend in person if at all possible as there is no substitute for participating in active discussions and deliberations inside the meeting room.  Conference call facilities are included for those members and liaisons who are unable to attend.

This e-bulletin was prepared by Katherine J. Blair, a partner at Manatt, Phelps, & Phillips, LLP. Ms. Blair is a member of the Corporations Committee of the Business Law Section of the California Lawyers Association.

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